My Favorite Czech Cuisine

Check out some of my favorite Czech Cuisine. Dobrou Chut’!!!!!

Beef Goulash or Hovězí Guláš

Every restaurants are making different style and variation of this traditional Czech food “Guláš”. As far as I know, everything seems to work out awesome. You’ll just have to try for yourself, I guess.

GulašThis one is called “Řízek”, I only tried Pork Řízek and Chicken Řízek . Chicken is my favorite. (Giggles) Řízek comes always with potato salad. It´s delicious and you´ll never regret it.

RizekVepřo-knedlo-zelo, a traditional Czech cuisine which is mostly served during weekends. It´s very typical here in Czech Republic to prepare this food. According to my Language Tutor, when someone invites you during weekend. First thing that you´ll be expecting is this traditional Czech food, but of course, not everyone does it like a weekend routine. Vepřo-knedlo-zelo, or in English Pork-dumplings-cabbage; it´s roast pork, and dumpling is either potato dumplings or bread dumplings (potato dumpling is my choice), and cabbage comes either red or green(white when cooked)  is cooked and served sweet/sour. It is also served in the restaurants.

Pečená kachna or Roasted Duck. It is served with red cabbage and bread or potato dumplings. As you can see at the photo below; some restaurant serves this type of food like madly big. (Giggles)

Gulás Soup, all I can say is that ” It taste good”.


These are some of my favorite Czech Cuisine. Try it, and see for yourself! Czech foods are kind of heavy, so I suggest a very huge space inside your stomach before you order one of the above. Dobrou Chut´!!!

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