Obtaining Driver’s License In Czech Republic

September 20, 2013, my theoretical and practical driving exams were scheduled. It was 8 in the morning when I started the theoretical exam and finished after 25 minutes (that long because I was too careful and also because I have a translator who needs to tell me everything first before I pick the answers) Unlike any other, I didn’t ask my translator for any kind of help. Also because I already learned most of it at home, and I believed that I can do it without any help from him; and also because there is a recording. If they found out he helps me, they will not give me the license.

I did it!!! I Passed my first ever attempt of theoretical and practical driving exams. Yey!!! :D

I did it!!! I Passed my first ever attempt of theoretical and practical driving exams. Yey!!! 😀

In the end, I got only one mistake and I passed! Out of 25, I got 24 and I am happy and proud of myself.  It felt like, I am that close to be a driver. The only thing I have to do is to pass my practical exam which was scheduled at the same day at around 10 in the morning. I was so nervous while waiting there. I felt like I am freezing even though the weather was still so calm and friendly. I didn’t feel much of my fingers, and my knees were starting to shake. I kept on massaging my hands to calm me down, but it wasn’t helping at all.

My husband was there with me. He was also scheduled to take theoretical and practical at the same day. I asked him to go once the inspector arrive to the place, so I won’t get too nervous. He did exactly what I asked him to do. He is very supportive.

When the inspector came, I started to feel even more nervous. He asked me to show and tell all the liquids necessary and where to find it. That was actually pretty easy, and I delivered everything perfectly, and fast. (Our instructor once said, that we have to be slower so our driving time will be shorter, but I did it fast so I had longer time for driving which was very terrifying)

Okay, once I finished the checking of liquids; we went inside the car to prepare and instruct me before we start. The inspector most possibly saw me massaging my hands rapidly and that worries him and advice me to not be worried and just relax and think that I am just in the driving school practicing how to drive like a normal day. It was helpful, but that didn’t make the mice inside my chest go away. (Giggles)

So inspector instructed the translator to not help me, and just translate whatever he says. I pretty much get that. There isn’t much help to do anyway. So, before we started. I was expecting that I will miss something specially when he tells me to follow the sign for direction, because before it gets to me, it’s already late, and that is what I asked to the inspector before we started to “please tell me in advance because the translator has to tell me and it will take sometime”. The inspector understands my concern, and he says he will do his best to tell in advance. (I was glad)

So we started the driving. I was pretty much focused and careful than before. I tried to shift much often as possible so he’ll see that I know how and when to use the shifting gears. He asks me to follow the direction going to “Prague/Praha”. So, I focused and tried not to miss one of them or I’ll be screwed. The sign led me out of the city, and followed by the inspector’s instruction I drove back to the city. It was a nice start. I kept on looking at the mirror, like super exaggerated; so he’ll know that I am  a careful driver.

There was this one command though, which he says I should turn to the right on the very tiny cross-road, but I was approaching really fast, (They kind of told me later) but I managed to turn to the right safely, but that one makes me nervous because I was in 3rd gear and that is not very ideal for turning in small street/cross-road. Okay, I thought of it as one mistake.

Nobody was commenting during that time, but I felt it. He instructed me to park at the parking lot for residential area. There wasn’t any line for parking which is kind of hard for me. I just try to depend on the side mirror. There wasn’t any lines so I just thought it’s fine. I was parked straight, there was still space for small car, and I wasn’t that too close to the other car standing next to me. So I said “Okay, I’m good”. Which means, I am done parking. So again, he instructed me to go follow the sign “Centrum/Center”. He says to follow the sign until further instruction.

So I followed the sign, I drove inside round-about many times. I stopped before pedestrian to let people pass. Unfortunately, I stalled the car. I was at incline before pedestrian, and I forgot that we are four people inside the car and I am the only one thin. Three guys are all heavy and you know what I meant. (Giggles) I needed to put more gas, then I successfully did it after realizing it. The inspector told me, not to be nervous when I stalled the car. He says, it’s nothing. Keep on driving!

Well, the second stall happened during the time where I stopped because there was one car approaching from the other side. In traffic rules I have to give way to that car, but it’s his mistake to led me that he’ll go straight but he turned to right without the use of his signal light. I would have known! So I stalled the car, but before I exit I looked again if there is another car approaching and I think I did a great job even if I stalled the car.

I didn’t check the time, of how long I was driving. The inspector told me to turn right and park the car again. (It’s the place where we start driving). There were lines so, it wasn’t a problem. I reversed, and park the car pretty awesome, like a professional actually. Then I was waiting for another instruction, because I thought we are not done. I was so relieved when he says, we are done and I have to put the car at peace.

The moment of truth! He tells me the evaluation and I started to worry. He mentioned the cross-road (the tiny ones) that I did turn using the 3rd gear. Although, the inspector and translator admitted that, it’s their fault because it was too late before they told me. They said, it’s their fault and I also safely turned so it’s okay. (I was still sad though) He told me that looking at the mirrors many times was good, but at the round-about, I should have focused more the right side mirror. (getting nervous) Then my first parking was okay, but he says in the near future I should consider giving more space and imagine that huge car will need more of the space.(But he says, I parked good)

He told me that, driving was good, but it can be more smoother. (really freaking out already. I felt I am about to fail my first ever attempt). Then he told me that he was very impress the way I parked for the last time, because I was so smooth and I did it without fixing whether I was too much on the right or left. He was impressed that, he never saw women parking the way I did. (Proud!) He also suggest to me that in the near future I have to keep the signal light when I stopped, and only turn it off when I start reversing. (Which make sense)

Okay, the evaluation was kind of long. I was already sad, because I felt like I am going to fail. Then, they said “You passed!”. I was like “I passed? Really?” I was so happy.

Then the inspector asks, if I think I failed. I said, well honestly I thought I failed because I stalled twice, and because of the tiny cross-road. He responds, those aren’t a problem. Those are just minor faults that is very normal for beginners. He gives me a lot of advises that I have to start driving step by step,and be familiarize first to one city before I start driving to other place.

Okay,I am happy. I thanked him many times, and so to my instructor, and translator. I even do a happy dance right after I stepped out of the car. I’m extremely happy, that I couldn’t imagine that I did a happy dance move. (Giggles)

Right when I stepped out of the car, my husband already knew that I passed because our instructor give him the thumbs up. (Giggles) I ran onto my husband and jumped and hugged him and kissed him, because I was so happy. My husband says, he’s very proud of me.

We went to photographer to take some driver’s license size picture for my application. My husband has practical exam at around 1 in the afternoon that day. We both are excited!!!! In the end… I am very happy to make my husband very proud and so is my entire family here and in the Philippines. Such a huge step for me.

At the end, we found out that the inspector who rode with me was the strict inspector in our city. Many drivers and examiners hate him. I didn’t know, not ’til my husband share the good news to his family. They asked the name of inspector, and when they found out they were too happy for me that I passed with that inspector . I had no idea!

There was this girl who also been going to practical exam four times already and she still fails last time at the same day like mine. We do have the same instructor. I felt sorry for her. I cannot imagine how stressful it must be for her.


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