Anniversary Getaway in České Švycarsko

Unlike any other previous celebrations my husband and I had for our wedding anniversary; this time we went elsewhere. Since we finally have our own car, it is now easy to travel and we kind of have freedom without thinking whether it is a good idea to go somewhere without being in a hurry all the time.

27th of October, a day before our anniversary; when my husband and I left home. We decided to spend our anniversary outside the city, this place called “České Švýcarsko” . It is I think more or less than 250 km away from our city. It’s far but worth it!

The place is very good. The lovely nature is just great. I was amazed by its beauty. It is very peaceful, and the tress, rocks; etc. are just fantastic.

Away from the noisy and populated city; it is way better for relaxing. I am happy that I choose to spend our anniversary right at that very spot.

We actually arrived around 4 in the afternoon at cottage where we choose to stay for a couple of days. So, it was quite dark and it’s not possible to go some place to see and follow the trails, so we decided to just plan our trip that evening for the next day.  First thing in the morning, we woke up early had breakfast and started our early morning adventure. We decided to follow the red trails that will lead us to this “Pravčická Brána”, it is a natural sandstone arch or other says natural stone bridge. Anyway, they said that Pravčická Brána is the largest natural sandstone arch in Europe. Several films were actually filmed at that very spot.

So ‘d like to share the pictures I took on the way to Pravčická Brána, hope you’ll enjoy. Check out the following pictures below. Enjoy!

October 28, 2013 Our Third Wedding Anniversary.

October 28, 2013 Our Third Wedding Anniversary.

This is just one spot you’ll find on the way. Our trail started at U Fořta Penzion (Mezna), where we checked-in. I love the wooden stairs, plus the beautiful colors of leaves that fell onto the ground. Beautiful isn’t?

You’ll find more of this scenery on the way. So I am pretty certain that you’ll enjoy the way.

Check it out! Do you see how narrow path is? That is why you’ll gonna need good shoes when you decide to visit the place, because the trail path are all narrow, and full of huge bumpy roots from the trees. It is sometimes hidden so you’ll gonna need to be extra careful, so you will not slip and slide down.

You’ll see those big rocks.Those are just incredibly gorgeous.

You’ll have this view at the very first observatory point.

We had a little water break at this very spot. Anyway, man in creamy colored jacket is my father in-law who know the place better. We asked him to go with us, to know a bit more about the place.

When we reached our destination (Pravčická Brána), we saw this only restaurant you’ll ever find at that place. There is toilet, so you’ll not need to worry in case of emergency;  and please do not expect extra awesome food available; they do not have many option which is very understandable due to their location. They have soup, sausages, and easy to prepare foods.

That is the view of Pravčická Brána from the lower point.

This is the view you’ll see if you go to the restaurant.

You’ll see this stairs on the opposite side more like behind the restaurant. This way is going to lead you right at the very top where you can see more views, and when I say right at the very top, that means “Top”,. At this part, you’ll see better view of Pravčická Brána, because you’ll stand right exactly at the opposite side.

Here it is! Pravčická Brána view from the top. According to my father in-law. Long time ago, people are actually allowed to get right on that narrow bridge/arch. He says, that everyone can go on the top of that, and there was like fens so it will be safer, but not they removed it, and people are no longer allowed to the top. Too bad! I’d like to experience being at the top of the “Narrow  natural sandstone arch or they also called natural stone bridge.”

Lovely nature indeed!!!

This is crazy!! Aren’t you gonna be so eager to come and visit?

Okay, if you notice those tiny people in the pictures at the top of that rocky mountain ; we were there and that’s the highest point. (where we took a photo of Pravčická Brána 3rd photo above)

This photo above is our next destination. We follow the blue and yellow trail that supposed to lead us to the water falls.

You’ll get to see this beautiful river that has crystal clear water. Super clean, and you’ll be wanting to drink or swim. (Giggling) Okay so we follow the trail. There is path along the river but we realized how far it’s gonna be so we decided to return back. We were so exhausted from non-stop walking, and it’s getting dark already. It can be dangerous on the way back because it’s dark and we forgot to bring flashlights. The paths are slippery, so I think it was best to return back and rest.

So that’s the last photo I took. I do have videos to share soon!

If you’d like to visit some other attractions here in Czech Republic which are away from the city; then I do suggest this place. This place has many things to offer too. If you love hiking, or if you like following trail in the forest then I guess this is the best place for you to check out. But I suggest you packed your comfy shoes, and hope you like a long walking adventure; because in that place you’ll experience a long walking but you don’t have to worry; there are so much beautiful places/spots on the way that will surely push your tiredness away.

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