Welcome 2013!!!

So here we are, we all said goodbye to year 2012, and welcome the new year of 2013. Maybe some of us are currently hoping that this year will bring a lot more better happenings, luck, fun, and maybe better experiences in life. For me, the only thing I wish for this new year is to have good health, good strong relationship with my husband and that everyone I love will continue to be there healthy, happy, and living their life to the fullest. Maybe I’d like to also wish for some luck in conceiving. (Fingers crossed)

Well anyway, to let you all know; my husband and I have been invited to celebrate “New Years Eve” with my brother in-law’s family as well as my father in-law. At around 6 in the evening, my brother in-law picked us up in our flat. (It’s always so nice of him.) We arrived to their home, and the kids were so glad to see me. (Like always).

We shared dinner together, talked, and everyone cannot believed how fast time goes by. But I must say, while these talking mode is happening the kids started to do their stuff too; first 3  hours with them was the exhausting part, because kids are rolling, running, and always wanted to play with me. One hour before the countdown and I am already devastated, I am not moving anymore; I was just sitting in my chair, and trying to get some sleep, which never ever happened before. I meant, I could stay awake until 3 in the morning without feeling any sign of sleepiness. (Giggling) I guess, that’s a different story.

There are actually a lot of foods to offer, it’s just that there are no space in the table to put it. They have small flat, so we have to put other food somewhere else.

There are actually a lot of foods to offer, it’s just that there are no space in the table to put it. They have small flat, so we have to put other food somewhere else.

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Last Minute Christmas Shoppers!!!

Two years ago (2010), I am one of those “Last Minute Christmas Shopper”, but honestly? I learned my lesson that year. How? Well, we shopped gifts like 2 days before the Christmas day, so when we arrived to gift shops (kid stuffs), we don’t have anything more to choose from. Even the gift wrappers are out of stock. So we don’t have any choice than to get some other simple wrapper without Christmas logos, etc. (Giggling) At least we never had to buy birthday gift wrapper. I remember, we don’t even have anything like sauce for the spaghetti, and we realized it during the Christmas day. Pity! Well, we ran into the store but every stores are closed. What do we expect! I was so pissed off to myself that moment, because I felt so stupid, that I even forgot to buy important ingredients for the food which we will eat.

Ever since that day, I promised to myself that I wouldn’t do that again. So last year 2011, I think I did better in shopping foods, and gifts, but the problem was; I messed up the gift wrapper.. again (Giggling)

So this year (2012), I asked my husband that we should shop earlier, at least gifts. So last week, I started shopping gifts, and finished it in two days. I had so many things to choose from, so I think I got good ones which kids will like. Well, one thing you should know is that I started to buy gifts wrapper three weeks before Christmas day. Yeah, I did that!!! I remembered my husband told me,“Maybe it’s too early to buy that. Don’t you think?”

I said, “Nope! I am going to buy it now, because they have good ones. I don’t want to end up like last year. So I’ll buy it.”

So we ended up,  like 4 gift wrappers, stocked in our storage.Good thing. I am prepared! Two weeks before Christmas; the gifts are done, wrapped, and under tree. Unfortunately, haven’t seen gifts for me under the tree, maybe Santa forgot. (Giggling)

Sorry about the quality of photo.

Sorry about the quality of photo.

It’s a good thing you know; prepared and have nothing to think off during days before the Christmas celebration. You can relax and not be one of those people who are getting crazy in the shops, stress,or maybe depress,and causing traffic too. Continue reading

Christmas In Our Home 2012

I have been told two days ago; to send Santa Claus an e-mail to tell what I wish for Christmas. (Giggling) I guess I am just too busy to do that, and I don’t actually care much what I’m gonna have this year. I mean, as we both planning to visit the Philippines and spend some time to be with my family. Well, I guess we are going to need a lot of money. So gift is actually okay whether it will be under the tree or not. So far, I have been very busy escaping to my husband in order to buy him a present. So today, I got my chance to do it.

The road was slippery and icy because the temperature dropped to 1°C , and was raining in the morning. Today is the only day I can manage to buy him presents. So I had to risk it! By the way, my health insurance just expired a week ago, and never had time to renew. Well,extra careful!

While my husband was out to meet guys today, I am busy roaming around the mall and thinking what I actually want to give to my husband. He has everything, and that makes it even more difficult. So I just find something simple. Don’t know if he’ll like it, but I hope so! On the way home, the road was slippery; and I was kind of afraid to walk back home, because the way was ups and down. Once my feet slip ,then I am screwed! Thank God, nothing happened!

photo (2)

So when I arrived home. I had to hurry to wrap everything up. After I settles everything, I put all of the gifts under the tree. Which by the way, only stands today. It’s kind of late right? Well, doesn’t matter how long the tree is standing in one side of our home; what matters most is that we have it, and now I can feel that Christmas is finally here. Gifts for nephew, nieces, father in-law and mother in-law are right there under the tree including present I got for my husband. Too bad, I really don’t see anything for me. (Giggling) Maybe, Santa wants e-mail!

The Spirit of Christmas In Czech Republic

It will be my third time to celebrate Christmas here in Czech Republic. Of course the first one, was during my first visit, and the second one was last year here in our new place; and now. The snow is all over the place here in our city.(Jihlava). The snow was unstoppable for 2 days, then it comes and goes. Enough to make road slippery and enough to make surroundings beautifully white. It’s definitely white all over the city. The lake near-by our flat building was frozen and often visited by those people who actually enjoyed ice-skating. So, then I am wondering whether it will be still snowing on and before the Christmas celebration. I think, it would be nice if it will be.

The frozen lake has visitors.  :D

The frozen lake has visitors. 😀

After 2 consecutive days of snowing.....Snow all over the place.

After 2 consecutive days of snowing….Snow all over the place.

The spirit of Christmas are actually all over the city. There are Christmas markets (selling wines, breads, homemade salami, etc) There are also Christmas tress and lights, which is very beautiful at night. There are also competition for who has a better Christmas tree. Well, the competitors are from elementary, and nursery school. They were building the tree in the school and put it, to the city center so people can actually see their work and in the end the best ones will be declared winner. Continue reading

Learning Czech Language (My own Fairy tale)

My Czech formal class for beginners will soon be over. I have learned a lot of things, rules, and how to make it better in writing grammar and even speaking. Although, I couldn’t say if I am that good, or just better enough to understand locals and me to be understood by them.

A lot of activities, test, and constructions of my own sentences, paragraphs happened in the school; even fairy tale happened. (Giggling) I am actually making simple Short fairy tale or in Czech Krátká Pohádka; 

It was fun, and I myself, can hardly believe that I could make. Although, of course I am thankful that my teacher (Moje Učitelka) is very good in teaching.

So,here is small fairy tale I wrote using the words I learned from our previous lessons: I just like to share it. Hope you’ll like it.

Náš Poklad

Tam byl Král a Královna, kteří žili s princem a princeznou. Jednoho dne, drak přišel a vzal prince a princeznu. Král a Královna, plánuji cestovat. Potřebojou poklad pro draka, takže se můžou vzit zpět princ a princezna.

Král a Královna chtějí najít jejich prince a princezna. Půjdou dlouho cestu. Přijdou do zámku. První, projdou les a pak přeplavou řeku. Tam je nebezpečné krokodýl. Vyjdou na vysokou horu, a sejdou dolu z hory, a pak uvidí zámek kde bydlí drak.

Když přišli na zámku, mají strach protože drak je velmi nebezpečný, ale musí najít prince a princeznu ale nejdrív musí zabít draka.

Král a Královna spolu bojovali a porazil draka. Když drak je mrtvý, všichni  vyjdou z zámek. Nechali poklad na zámku a řekli ” Náš Prince a Naše Princezna je náš poklad”. 

Přijdou domu (na hradě), a žili spolu št´astně.


Autumn/Fall 2012 (Podzim 2012)

It’s again fall season and leaves are turning into beautiful stunning different colors, and soon fell to the ground. Leaves are either yellow, orange, yellow-green, reddish, and most of them turned to be golden leaves; which are very beautiful. The weather become so unpredictable; sometimes sunny, sometimes almost freezing, and sometimes both (windy, sunny, but still a little cold).

I lived in the country where we experience to have four seasons in a year. I like all of them, (but summer not so much) Anyway, what I am trying to say is that; I love fall season and I do love to see the leaves on the ground. Whenever I go by walking to school, I always adore the nature around me. Walking is never boring for me at all. As I walked along the road, I can see the trees and its beautiful leaves, dancing and some are falling when the wind breeze blows.

Last time I can’t stop myself sharing to my husband how great the view on the way to school. It was great and instead of being exhausted from a long walk, I always have a smile on my face,and mostly I do stop on the side-walk in order to feel the scenery. Yesterday after school, I even took photos so that I could show it to my husband when I arrive to our home.

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Getting better in Czech Language

My teacher told me in our previous lesson that Czech is one of the hardest language; aside from the pronunciations it also has too many different forms, rules, and quite complicated in every form in the sentences, most specially to foreigners like me. Although, I believed that I am getting better in understanding and in constructing my own sentences. Somehow, I am more better into putting the words in the right place.

Like for example:

To watch/look on television-dívat se na televizi.

But if you are going to say: “I´m watching on television” in Czech there are some shape that sometimes are complicated to put in the right place.

Dívam se na televizi. Which is in the present tense.

Budu se dívat na televizi. Which is in the future tense

Díval jsem se na televizi. Which is in the form of past tense.

If you observed the word “se” is changing in position in every form in time matters. Continue reading

Letecký den – Airshow

September 16 was Flying day or so-called Airshow or in Czech language “Letecký Den”. My husband and I together with our friends visited the small airport in the city of Jihlava to witness the event/show where many pilots and different types of old and new aircraft’s have participated.

The show was already started when we arrived to the location. Also because we were stuck in a very huge traffic caused by the show. Many people were driving to that place; it was nice to go with kids, because they will also enjoy with this small carnival for them. There are toy stores, and cotton candy stand.

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The challenge continues (Second day in the school)

Thursday happened to be cold and rainy day. My husband didn’t go to work, so while I am preparing myself to school; he stays on the bed. It was really unusual that I am the one preparing to go, while my husband was still lying on the bed and trying to rest as much as he can. I woke up so early, even though I felt like still want to get few more hours of nap, but I can’t because once I did go back to bed then I will be screwed and never make it to school. (Giggling)

My activity book.

My activity book.

I made myself a coffee, and as fast as I can; I get my bigger bag where I can put my books. My teacher told me to bring my books to school so she wouldn’t need to photocopy every lessons we will discuss. So, even if it’s against to myself; to bring huge bag, I still did! After preparing, I went to bedroom and my husband was a little awake. He asked, “Why are you early? Your class starts at 2:00 pm.” Continue reading

The challenges I made for myself!

Since I started attending formal language class; I also make my own list to challenge myself and to see if class is actually helping me. I started last Monday (September 10) for 90 minutes. I got 2 days break because I visited Gynecologist Tuesday, and Wednesday my teacher is busy so I  too. Wednesday as my first day to challenge myself.

My husband went to office in the morning (Wednesday), and so I woke up a little late, because I don’t have anything to do. (Not because I am lazy) Well, when I woke up, I decided to plan how to make my day useful and at the same time, challenging!

I prepared my money and I think shopping is something I can do as a good start. I don’t really care what to buy (nothing specific). I went out, while it’s raining. I saw this young boy (probably from school) I greeted him “Dobrý Den”; and so did he. After that, I was kind of happy. I told myself “That’s a good start for today”. (Giggling) Continue reading