Our last two days at the island of Boracay had been very hard to control. We were eating so much, because we were not doing some activity no more. We were preparing ourselves to go, so I guess it was better to not do anything that would make us both exhausted that moment.

So we became the worst eater. (Giggling) Every morning, we went directly to restaurant ate and drink as much as we can.  there was a time, I saw in the menu Filipino dessert called “Halo-Halo”.  I was so excited to eat, so I ordered it without knowing how big or small it was. My husband takes this Filipino food called “Crispy Pata”.



The whole last two days we had in Boracay Island; I started craving for some chips. It’s been a long time since I last ate chips, from Philippines. So upon telling my husband about it, we went directly to some small store located along the beach to buy some chips. We had three different kinds, and I enjoyed eating that for two days.  Happy and satisfied! Continue reading


Another day has passed and this time we wanted to make sure that nobody will scam us or do something bad in our stay at Boracay; so we did called the “MyBoracayGuide”, to set everything for us. That day we went to three different places at Boracay Island.

Our first stop was at “Mt. Luho”: First thing we did was took photos with “Philippine Eagle” on our arm. Then we walked and discovered the whole are, passed through all the bamboo bridges, etc., and then after that; our guide shows us the beauty of Boracay. We went to the top, and from there it’s pretty amazing. The place was absolutely fantastic, and I think it’s worth paying for that tour.

View from the top of Mt.Luho

View from the top of Mt.Luho

Eagle also know how to play cute on the Camera :-)

Eagle also know how to play cute on the Camera 🙂

Mt.Luho View Point Boracay Island Philippines

Mt.Luho View Point Boracay Island Philippines

Next spot was a huge park (I forgot the name,, sorry ;(..) There was my first time to actually touched and saw a huge “Bat”. Continue reading


A man in Blue t-shirt, the one who scams us.

A man in Blue t-shirt, the one who scams us.

The next morning, we were thinking if scammer is going to show up to resort gate( who was still expecting that we wanted another activity that day; but the truth was; we are going to get some of our money back! ). So after we prepared ourselves, have shower and etc. we directly headed on the way to restaurant and will eat something. So as we walked and reached the gate, we saw the scammer’s face smiling to us, and confident about what he did the previous day.

So when we approached, he immediately said “Sport activity sir?” my husband grabbed the list for some activity and while he was looking into it he said “So do you have our money?”. The scammer obviously doesn’t understood what my husband was talking about, because he kept saying “Jet-ski sir, good one.” Then again my husband repeated what he said if he has our money, and scammer understood it a little. He said, “what money?”.

Money you took from us yesterday, do you have it here with you?” my husband responded. Continue reading


Rain or shine, that’s how we do it. The next morning we woke we headed out to breakfast, and there was one man outside the gate of the resort and asked my husband if he wanted to do some activity that day. So my husband said yes, and around 3:00 in the afternoon he is going to wait for us to the gate to do the said activity.

After breakfast, we went back to our room and put our swim wear on! It was a little sunny in the morning so we took the chance. Oh well, I don’t know how to swim, I told my husband I’m just going to lay and burn myself out, but since I saw that the water was so lovely, I also went to water and even though I don’t know how to swim, we still managed to make it fun! Oh yeah, my husband kept trying to teach me how to swim, try to teach me how to float, but unfortunately it didn’t happen. I don’t know exactly why, but I really can’t float! (Makes me so mad) I mean I did everything what my husband told me to do so,but I just can’t float! I tried to swim before on the swimming pool with my sister and cousin, I learned but never tried it since then, so I probably forgot how to. Now, I can’t swim, I can’t float! 😦 I was just sad to think about that! My husband faded it away, because we played, he was holding me the whole time, and I was trying to ride on him. 😀 It was really fun, and since my husband was also desperate to teach me how to swim; he wanted to throw me on the water, so he did tried to catch me, but no,no… he doesn’t have success with that. I mean, if he wanted to really teach me, then teach me the normal way, not like drowning me to water in order to swim. 🙂

Anicka after the swimming lesson with Husband. :D

Anicka after the swimming lesson with Husband. 😀

Lovely place at Boracay Island

Lovely place at Boracay Island

After swimming, we walked a little to the same area, and took some photo with this interesting place at Boracay Island. Continue reading


The next morning in the Island was kind of bit raining, and not really ideal to be on the sea. First, we went to the laundry services, because most of our shorts, and t-shirts are all dirty, so we did sent it to the laundry services few minutes walk away from our resort. But since, it’s raining and my husband wanted to try riding in a tricycle; we did take tricycle to go at the laundry shop. First they asked us for 50 pesos, for that distance, and then after the laundry, we go directly to this called “D’Mall” it’s not exactly mall, but it is open-market. I did saw for first was this cute dress, and I never let it go with other people’s hand. (I bought it 🙂 ).



I think that was the first thing I bought. Then again, my husband and I bought this ice cream, which I exactly didn’t managed to eat all of it, because it was too big. While walking around the D’Mall, the huge rain just started, we haven’t umbrella, so we were waiting for it to stop, then we walked again. Restaurants are everywhere, shops for dresses and swim wear. I just love it there. The only problem was, there are not much garbage bin around the area. It makes me confused, though the area was clean. We were looking around to find at least one garbage bin, but never find any. So we just walked, with the empty cup from ice cream, wishing for garbage bin. 🙂 Continue reading


As we travelled for first time to Boracay, we didn’t know what, and where to go first; so from the day we landed to Caticlan, Boracay Airport we have someone waiting for us from MyBorcayGuide. Com to guide us to Jetty Port, handling everything of our transportation, and even to drop us directly to our resort. Using this guide made our day easy, and without hustle. So I recommend you guys, to use that, because with our experienced its worth paying for their services. They are good, and everything according to plan, and they have really good arrangement in everything. Oh aside from that, they are never late. ( With according to our own experienced ) They are always on time or else earlier, but not late. 🙂

Moving on; first day at Boracay Island seems perfect. The resort was nice, and bravo to the employees and stuff; awesome and really polite. They kept smiling, like they never gets tired doing it. They were letting as pass through first, before them. ( I mean it’s fine if they will also walked through first but they are doing it politely.) They were very respectful, and they just always provide exactly what you want. Nice from them! Continue reading


The next morning, we headed to the airport for our domestic flight to Boracay Island. As usual, we came earlier to avoid so much people on the line because as we read over the internet that “CEBU PACIFIC AIRLINE” always has delay and flight cancellation.





While waiting for our flight check-in, we thought it would be smooth, but as we saw how it goes, well “Its sucks!!. ( Sorry for that words) It was horrible, those women in the front disk doing the checking of luggage were so slow, and what else? When you exceed the luggage to 10 kilos, they wouldn’t accept the payment in the same counter WHERE EXACTLY YOU ARE, but you need to again go for the other line which is also slow, and just one person was doing that. It was so annoying, and uncomfortable with their services. ( DON’T KNOW IF YOU EXPERIENCED EXACTLY THE SAME) I don’t know, but we just don’t have any other choice that time, so we just let it go; though it was so stressful waiting in the line, which was moving like turtle. Continue reading


We woke up early in the morning, because we are going to hit the road back to Manila that day. We must to, because our flight going to Boracay Island will be in the next day. I don’t felt so excited about living because I knew for sure that when we go, that would take a year to go back and see them again. 😦



The car was waiting for us, but before we hit the road, we just took some family photo. We are not complete but at least I have something to remember while I am away. Something to look at it, when I felt sad, and alone. Continue reading


We started our day with coffee. Ashamed to tell you guys but my husband love my Mom’s coffee. I think he started to be so addicted on it. No wonder, but my Mom is really making nice coffee. My husband was talking with my brother about the Poultry business. Since my father has it for so long, even though it was just few of them. It was still really profitable.

My husband asked my brother all about it. How much each pieces of small chicken cost, those for food and their vitamins, and how much they can seal it. Since my husband is a business man, he immediately calculated everything and he saw how profitable it was. So that topic never ends. Until the afternoon, they were still talking about this business, while I was there at the backyard and washing rest of our laundry to make it dry before we go back to Manila. Continue reading


Like what I said; school year will end in few days. It is usually fine to not attend some class in the school so there was my nephew. He didn’t attend to school just to be home with us. He actually never stop to convince us going to our farm to look around, which my husband really likes to do. So in the afternoon, we decided to take a look at our farm with my nephew and my sister in-law. I wasn’t there for so long, and I am actually not going to farm unlike my brothers and sister ( when we were so young), so I am not so familiar which one is ours and which one is not. 🙂 Reason why my husband was making fun from me the whole time.

So before we reached the farm, we stopped by to my brother’s old house. They were not living there since before; but now they are ready to move back because nobody is going to look after with my parent. They are both getting old and someone needs to look for them, while the three of us are away. ( Me in Czech Republic, my 2nd brother is now working in Taiwan with three years contract, and my sister has big possibility to move to Australia, because she has her fiancée living there.) therefore, nobody lives with my parent but my little nephew. I actually asked my eldest brother to do that, because I am not comfortable everyday; it seems like a nightmare when I only think that anytime soon, someone might do something with my parents and nobody was there to help them. 😦 so I did asked my brother, and I am happy that he did it. Continue reading