A Big Fat Surprise!!! Part 3

Surprise number three (3) is all about shopping and going to short trip to Karlštejn Castle. Shopping? Well, I do have a budget for myself, but my husband insists on paying for all things we bought. It was a surprised because he seems to enjoy our shopping together and I think that is the most important factor. Doing something together willingly, and enjoying every precious moment, even to the point of spending money.

Although, I am starting to think that my husband is becoming a shopaholic like me. (Giggles) He is trying to level up with my shoe collections. Which I believe is really cute. Collecting shoes together.

Just few things among others.

Just few things among others.

So much about shopping. So let’s talk about our trip to Karlštejn Castle, which was fun but unfortunately; we haven´t get a chance to take any good quality photos because the lens we brought was accidentally for portrait and whenever we wanted to take photo it´s just too close so we couldn´t really capture very nice photo. (I know.. stupid of us)

So forgive us for just very few photos I´ll be able to post. Continue reading

A Big Fat Surprise!!! Part 2

Aside from a surprised Limousine ride from the city of Jihlava to Prague; my husband booked Marriott Hotel Prague (Five stars hotel) which is not really a one big  surprise because he is always booking good hotels during short trips and long vacation. What makes it really special for me was; he always give me the best and most comfortable place to stay; and I think that is sweet.

When we checked-in at the hotel; we went to restaurant to eat something, because my husband was starving and me? I just needed some energy for walking.

Hovězí Gulášová polévka

Hovězí Gulášová polévka

This is one of my favorite traditional Czech soup. I love it!!! You should try this. It is called  Beef Goulas Soup or Goulash Soup in Czech Gulášová Polévka. But of course, not everyone can make good Guláš soup so I suggest this place Plzeňská Restaurace ( Obecním Domě ). If you would visit this shopping mall called Palladium, you would see from the outside. It is some kind of Theater or Concert Hall. You will find the restaurant downstairs. It is huge and staffs are really friendly. The foods are just awesome!!! Continue reading

A Big Fat Surprise!!! Part 1

Is everyone know here that I married a man full of big surprises? Well, yeah!!! I am realizing it even more each day. Sometimes,I am wondering, what I did good, and he keeps surprising me; sometimes I even doubt myself, and thinking if I even deserve all of it.

So here’s the story:

Last weekend, we planned a three days trip to Prague. Well, my husband was actually the one who decided that. It’s because, he has been very busy working with too many projects, and he hasn’t been spending that much time with me. So he decided to bring me to a very relaxing weekend trip. Just us!

Friday at noon, we headed to lunch at this restaurant called Buena Vista. A mexican restaurant here in Jihlava. We took a taxi on the way to the restaurant with our luggage. I was asking my husband, who is going to drive us to Prague from the restaurant. (I just have to worry about many things) He says, he doesn’t know. He will call taxi, that is what he said. So I stopped asking. I was just hoping that taxi company will send a better car, because I don’t want to puke on the way. (Yeah, I got sick from car sometimes)

While we were waiting for the food, my husband kept on using his phone. I asked to who he is typing? He says, he is checking work. So of course I believed him and also because I am used to see him checking work over the phone everywhere we go. (I didn’t know he has hidden agenda that time.)

After lunch, we headed outside and planning to wait for taxi. When we are along the road, I saw a black “LIMO, LIMOUSINE”.   Continue reading