Each counties have different traditions to follow in the wedding. As a Filipino who used to see almost same style in the wedding, I was became so curious how was Czech citizen or couple are doing their wedding ceremony to reception and party at night.

I got the opportunity to witnessed the wedding of my husband’s cousin last September. I was so excited to see every single moment from the wedding since it was my first time to see their traditional wedding ceremony. Of course I didn’t forgot to bring with me my camera to take at least few photos, but unfortunately I am able to post just few because of their privacy concerned.

They invited me and my husband to go to their place at around 9:30am to join them and eat some of the sausages and some bread. Since their space was small and just few people can fit in there; few direct family of my husband was there; my mother in-law, brother in-law and his ex-wife, and the two little cuties, our nieces. One of my brother in-law wasn’t there yet that time because he will be in the next batch to come. Other friends of the brides and groom to be was also there eating in the kitchen while we were at the living room also eating and having fun with kids.

My in-laws, me and my husband, and the cuties kids. Photo taken by husband’s cousin.  Continue reading