Clumsy Husband Needs A Spank

My husband is being clumsy for almost a month straight now. Whenever he tries to hit something, or hit himself by something, I always need to spank him. I don’t know, but I felt like I needed to do it so he won’t be clumsy for the next time. My husband says “Other people are being good to someone who’s clumsy. Why are you doing the opposite on me?” He was saying that, with drama effects. (Giggling) Maybe he wanted to be an actor someday!

Well, I won’t tolerate it. Imagine, he was just about to sit down on his chair in front of the computer and he even hurt himself by smashing his toe onto the chair’s feet, or whatever they called it. Really? It happened a lot of times. I can’t control myself but spank him on his butt, and then we will both laugh after that. There was this incident, wherein he was going to get off the chair (Different chair. In the living room) and bump his foot on the living room table. Can you imagine that? Sometimes, I am thinking he is doing it in purpose to get my attention. (Giggling)

His kiddo heart and mind sometimes led him to clumsiness too. (lol)

His kiddo heart and mind sometimes led him to clumsiness too. (lol)

Last time we visited my mother in-law he even told her how bad I was when he is clumsy at home. That I never wanted him to hurt himself or if he does; I am spanking him (Giggling). It sounded good for my mother in-law, not just good but sweet. It means “I care”.

Of course I care! I never wanted him to hurt himself. I meant, that often? Aside from being shock from the sounds of smashing, and bumping; it doesn’t feel right at all. I felt like about to have hearth attack, when he does that. I know, it wasn’t intended  but it worries me. You know? I want him to be more careful.

Sometimes, clumsy husband needs to be punished too. Not so much that it would hurt him, but spank which is sweet but he will remember. (Giggling)

Oh well, I love my husband. ♥♥♥