My Driving Lesson in the Czech Republic

I’ve been off here in blog world for like a month (I guess). I miss writing, but I do not know how and where would I start? (Sigh) Anyway, obtaining driver’s license is one among others in my list for my 2013 new years resolution.

So here is the story:

My driving school application, including the book and cd.

My driving school application, including the book and cd.

My husband and I went to driving school together. At the beginning it was fun because we were learning together and we considered it activity for both of us. We learned together all about theoretical stuff at home, and we started with driving using the computer thing at the driving school. All of that was fun and exciting., but,,,

Okay, but? All were totally good, except during our actual driving on the road and traffic. During our first day for actual driving; I was expecting that we were to drive at the parking lot for the first time; but unfortunately I was 100% wrong.

Our instructor took us directly on the road. We did not drive slow (never). We drove totally like a professional driver, and not someone who were just learning for the first time. Can you imagine? I first drove outside the city at maximum speed of 80-90 km/hr. (Sigh) It was a total disaster for me. I don’t feel very good because I wanted to drive slower for the first time until I get comfortable, but the instructor doesn’t want me to do how I want it. Continue reading