I was at the dentist two days back, morning, September 5, 2011, with my husband. We woke early to be able to reach our appointment time. We arrive to clinic and fill up the form to be a regular client. As we waited for them to call our name, I was thinking what they will think about my teeth. Aha! I never have been to dentist for long. My last visit to dentist was year 2006, so I had this negative thought that they will laugh when they see it. I kept asking my husband what they will do to me inside. My husband told me “I don’t have any idea honey; well, it will be bad if after the X-ray, they will suggest to remove all your teeth”. What a joke! Yeah, he was kidding that moment. My husband gets into the X-ray room first. He was shocked because he thought they will start to fix his teeth next month. So there you go, it was me. I was next in the X-ray room, but suddenly I don’t speak much Czech so I was a little worried. On the other side, I was successful on X-ray. I understand what assistant meant by her body language. (Giggling) I followed my husband to dentist room. I sat in the chair and observed what dentist did to my husband. After that, I asked him,

“What should I do when I lay there, should I open my mouth right away or should I wait for them to tell me?” Continue reading