The Spirit of Christmas In Czech Republic

It will be my third time to celebrate Christmas here in Czech Republic. Of course the first one, was during my first visit, and the second one was last year here in our new place; and now. The snow is all over the place here in our city.(Jihlava). The snow was unstoppable for 2 days, then it comes and goes. Enough to make road slippery and enough to make surroundings beautifully white. It’s definitely white all over the city. The lake near-by our flat building was frozen and often visited by those people who actually enjoyed ice-skating. So, then I am wondering whether it will be still snowing on and before the Christmas celebration. I think, it would be nice if it will be.

The frozen lake has visitors.  :D

The frozen lake has visitors. 😀

After 2 consecutive days of snowing.....Snow all over the place.

After 2 consecutive days of snowing….Snow all over the place.

The spirit of Christmas are actually all over the city. There are Christmas markets (selling wines, breads, homemade salami, etc) There are also Christmas tress and lights, which is very beautiful at night. There are also competition for who has a better Christmas tree. Well, the competitors are from elementary, and nursery school. They were building the tree in the school and put it, to the city center so people can actually see their work and in the end the best ones will be declared winner. Continue reading


Unlike other city, Jihlava is one of the luckiest cities in Czech Republic. December 2011 was the month which supposed to have huge snow everywhere in Europe, but unfortunately it didn’t happen like that. That year was the most dry winter season in the history.

Other city never experienced the snow during Christmas, like Prague and Brno, which most tourists went to look around. Luckily, we have it here in the city of Jihlava; it was snowing here almost every day since Christmas. Now it’s month of January, some cities already experienced one to two days of snowing but after that, it’s gone and faded away again like it never happened.

We are just lucky here in our city, because it’s almost every day snowing, and everywhere turned to white already. Some of my friends were envy because they were waiting for the snow to continue so they can start building the snowman, but unfortunately they weren’t so lucky with snow. (Giggling) I got it here in Jihlava. Continue reading

Dobrý Den

Dobrý den (Good day), the first greeting I often heard from those unknown people in Czech Republic. They usually used that instead of saying dobré ráno (Good morning), dobré odpoledne (Good afternoon), dobrý večer (Good evening). I am living here for like almost seven (7) months now and still I am amazed from all people here, who were so polite. Continue reading