Bake for success!

Baking is included in the list I put to my article in titled “List to Learn”.  It is one thing that I am scared the most to try, because I haven’t tried to do this before. Never! So today, today is the day! I got my best mood for baking today, so I immediately asked my husband to go with me to shop some muffin pan which I needed for making shape, and a measuring cup. My husband was so surprised when I told him that I am going to bake some food today. He says, “Wow, I am curious how it will look like and taste like. This will be the first time!” 

Oh well, it is! The whole time I got so much pressured that I haven’t experienced before. So I guess, I finally tried. I must say, it is not perfect but it was yummy. My husband was the very first one who ate what I baked. He said “It is good, I am sure David will love it, because he is the one who love something like this.” David is my brother in-law.

What I baked is something which is already mixed, (which I bought in one Filipino shop here in the Czech Republic) as a beginner. So the Recipe below will be the one I will be following for the next time. Continue reading