Friday flowers for wife

August 10, 2012, my husband left our home to accompany his friend and brother to Prague for business appointment, early in the morning. I was alone at home, doing my work; learn language, and spare a little of my time listening to music. As a wife who stays at home; a wife who knows that husband is away for maybe more than 6 hours doesn’t expect of anything when a husband came home. I wasn’t expecting anything, I was actually on the way to bed, to get some nap; when the doors opened. It was my husband. I connected my mobile phone to charger, and went directly to the door, to give my husband a kiss. I was surprised when he was actually holding a flowers in his hand. Even before he gave it to me, I said,

“It isn’t my birthday today honey. It is also not our anniversary. So what’s the occasion?” 

He was smiling at me, and he respond, “Because you’re my wife, and because I love you.”

To make a little fun from him I make a little drama, “Oh did you do something bad? Where have you been exactly? Tell me now before I discovered it by myself.” (Serious face)

He rides on my drama, so I just ended it, because I knew that he knows I am playing with him. (Giggling)

Friday Flowers for Anicka.

Friday Flowers for Anicka.

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My sweet husband just surprised me with peach roses last week. He said he knew I was sad, and he wanted me to feel better.

Flowers for sad wife.

Flowers for sad wife.

It was almost 4 in the afternoon, and I am still asleep, because I have sleeping problem. So I was lying on the bed, and I didn’t knew that it was already afternoon, and my husband would return home from work. So while I was on bed, sleeping like an angel, my husband kissed me, so I opened my eyes and there I saw he was holding it and blows my mind with his surprised bouquet of flowers. He said, “Hey sleepy head wake up”.

I opened my eyes and then he gave it to me. Of course it makes me so happy, waking up with such surprised. After that, he went to kitchen and made me coffee. It was just a nice and lovely day.