Second day was the day where I started to be worried about the weather. I turned on the television, and find some good channel to provide specific weather forecast. It was raining so badly, and we found out that; there was a “Low Pressure Area”, located in “Palawan”. That news makes me even more worried because if it will formed as a typhoon then it was definitely too close to our area, and ferry and boats are not allowed to travel if there will be even just “Signal # 1”.

My father told me, that there was weather forecast says that it will leave Philippines responsible in few days so nothing to worry about. It was a relief.

Since it was rainy day; there was something happened. My husband started to drink coffee more often. (In the morning when we woke up, then around 3 in the afternoon) Well, I think it’s better than to go back taking cigarette right? At least we have something in common. That is “We both are drinking coffee.” Continue reading