I am his wife!

How is it to be his wife? Is it easy or not? Are there things you learned since then? Have anyone ask you that question? Honestly, I have received enough question like that. Mostly, the question are from people I know; some are friends; and some are those people who are just asking by curiosity. But have I ever tried to answer any of this question? Well, yeah! Many times, but I haven’t seriously give any facts to prove the answer I have given to those people who asked.

So here is the answer;

How is it to be his wife. Honestly, I can proudly say to everyone who’ll ask me again that; being his wife is something that I am proud of, and thankful  the most. My husband is someone who actually plan and thinks about the future; so being his wife I must say my life is mostly easy than I ever expected. Although, not always, but mostly yeah. There are also times, that I felt like in middle of no-where and looking for my husband to save once again. Those days, happened mostly when his mind was stuck into resolving problems at work, or problems that he needs to resolve or else he will gone insane. It is a quite difficult from time to time, specially when I wanted him to speak to me, but even though he is around; his mind isn’t. Those are times that I got to say, harsh! Times, that I felt like being selfish. (Giggles) That is how I called it. I know, a bit strange; but it is how it is. Continue reading