Budapest, Hungary 2012

Budapest is the capital and largest city in Hungary. It is the combined city names “Buda” and “Pest”.  To become a single and largest city they were combined and using its names, it is now called “Budapest”.  Their currency is called “Forint”. They have bigger amounts on their bill. (e.g. 100 dollars, is about 2,000 of crowns here in Czech; it depends upon the rate of exchange, but in Hungarian Forint it is about 20,000 forint.) For first time, you will be confused and really make a little mess in the head, when paying, especially those who are bad in Math. (Like me!)

Hungarian Forint

Hungarian Forint

I didn’t study much about the history of the city so I’m sorry if I will be giving you just few information this time. One thing I knew was they have these four most popular bridges in Hungary called “Chain Bridge, Margaret Bridge, Elizabeth Bridge, and the Liberty Bridge”.

As I mentioned more than a week back, we went to Budapest, Hungary for three days to look around and observed. We left last June 9, and arrived to Hungary about 2pm their local time. It was approximately 7 hours of travel from our city Jihlava, so when we arrived to Budapest we were kind of exhausted. When we arrived to bus station and drop-off, we asked the driver of the bus where we can find a taxi (We are new in that city so we haven’t have any idea, how exactly and where exactly to wait for taxi). The bus driver said, it was just on the other side around the small PUB. When we went to check, there was no one.

We went across the street and looked around if we can find taxi, and yeah we did found one, but unfortunately since he doesn’t speak English, and we do not speak their local language; we didn’t understand what he said. So we went back to bus stop, and waited there a little bit longer because there was this sign “Taxi”. So we hoped that if we stand there, and taxi will see us, they will probably stop and finally bring us to the hotel; but it never happened. It was sunny day, and temperature was about 30°C. I was freaking out, exhausted, and without sleep, so I started to be mad, and complained to my husband. (Sorry) Continue reading