As i mentioned in my previous articles; we are preparing ourselves for moving in to our new place. We were always busy from going there and here. Deciding so many furniture and appliances we will take. Making appointments to man who handling the kitchen design. Waking up early in the morning to catch those men in the construction area, to assist us and look up to the improvements happening in our future home. Last week, we were horribly busy from everything. I am waking up early, absolutely different from previous days and weeks. It was coming and soon everything are settles. Continue reading


I saw parents with their kids, most of the time along the road, playground, and everywhere. Kids were just cute, sweet, awesome smile, and have innocent eyes. I often looked at them and they were just easily smiled back at me or looked like they wanted to know who I am. They cried like never ending, but still cute. Those were reason, why I end up to this idea, on when is the right time to have a baby. Continue reading

My loving husband

When you hear, loving husband, what first things came to your mind? I don’t know exactly how to determine if husband is a loving person, is it exactly this?

I was writing my new topic for my blog two days ago, September 1, 2011,  afternoon, while washing our laundry. I also exercised, and read my book to learn Czech language for  two hours. Continue reading

Fly to fit in

When two different nationalities (people) decided to be together for lifetime, they will face the real changes in their lives. New places, new people to mingle every day is about to start. The new challenges are certainly here, next to you. There it goes, “the Language”, that must be learn, to be able to communicate, since there are more countries with different, uncommon languages.I know the feeling of women who is trying to fit in to her new world after she gets married. I am in the same position like every other woman out there. Same boat, in other words. Continue reading