Autumn/Fall 2012 (Podzim 2012)

It’s again fall season and leaves are turning into beautiful stunning different colors, and soon fell to the ground. Leaves are either yellow, orange, yellow-green, reddish, and most of them turned to be golden leaves; which are very beautiful. The weather become so unpredictable; sometimes sunny, sometimes almost freezing, and sometimes both (windy, sunny, but still a little cold).

I lived in the country where we experience to have four seasons in a year. I like all of them, (but summer not so much) Anyway, what I am trying to say is that; I love fall season and I do love to see the leaves on the ground. Whenever I go by walking to school, I always adore the nature around me. Walking is never boring for me at all. As I walked along the road, I can see the trees and its beautiful leaves, dancing and some are falling when the wind breeze blows.

Last time I can’t stop myself sharing to my husband how great the view on the way to school. It was great and instead of being exhausted from a long walk, I always have a smile on my face,and mostly I do stop on the side-walk in order to feel the scenery. Yesterday after school, I even took photos so that I could show it to my husband when I arrive to our home.

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Jihlava Zoo, Czech Republic

Sunday, August 5, 2012; it was around 3 in the afternoon. The weather was extremely hot (30°C-up) My husband and I went to the zoo, in order to gather more photos for my portfolio, and of course also to enjoy our Sunday together. Not more than 30 minutes of roaming around the zoo; and I felt nauseous. I was the one whose taking photo that time but I can’t focus in shooting because I felt like I am going to collapse really soon. I am sweating like pig, and I my stomach hurts. I sat on the bench located in the zoo. My husband took the photos for me, while I am resting a little.

My husband makes fun from me, when I was whispering to myself the words “I am Asian, I am Asian, I am Asian”.  I used to say these words when I can’t handle hot weather anymore. It’s like making myself aware that I should be used to such weather because I am Asian who lived in country with a very warm weather in a whole year, before.

My husband says, “Oh no, you are not Asian. Are you?”. Then he laughed!

Few minutes of rest made me a little better so we walked around, and look to some areas of the zoo where they will soon put more animals like giraffe, etc. The first time I visited this zoo, there were just really few animals, and it looked so small zoo for me, but now? It think something change but I just can’t figure out what, and which? Well, what matter most is that; they are going to put more, and there will be expansion of the zoo, which will make it more huge, and more interesting.

The photo of new animal in that zoo. The place wasn’t done yet, but they are already in that spot. They are so cool and cute. Well, you can tell that by the photo itself. (Giggling) Can’t stop laughing while watching them with that position. Continue reading


Unlike other city, Jihlava is one of the luckiest cities in Czech Republic. December 2011 was the month which supposed to have huge snow everywhere in Europe, but unfortunately it didn’t happen like that. That year was the most dry winter season in the history.

Other city never experienced the snow during Christmas, like Prague and Brno, which most tourists went to look around. Luckily, we have it here in the city of Jihlava; it was snowing here almost every day since Christmas. Now it’s month of January, some cities already experienced one to two days of snowing but after that, it’s gone and faded away again like it never happened.

We are just lucky here in our city, because it’s almost every day snowing, and everywhere turned to white already. Some of my friends were envy because they were waiting for the snow to continue so they can start building the snowman, but unfortunately they weren’t so lucky with snow. (Giggling) I got it here in Jihlava. Continue reading


 Last Tuesday when we finally got our keys, I started to make fun from my husband. Not just to him but to myself too. Upon receiving all the keys included to our new home, we also granted the remote key for the garage because we bought one of the biggest garages inside the building. While we were at the bed Tuesday night November 1, 2011, I was thinking why we have garage and we never had any car. Continue reading