Summer Starts June 21st

Every 21st of June, the summer season starts here in Czech Republic. Today, we have 24°C here in Jihlava, and later on it will be going up to 26°C. In the evening it will be around 13°C or more. I don’t feel so excited about this warm weather, because today while typing this article; my dizzy problem occurred. Our windows are all open so that we will have fresh air from the outside, but I don’t think it make any difference. Although, summer is the much awaited season for most European. This very moment, people started to travel to lake, swimming pool, beaches,/resorts, or maybe go camping. Well in general this is the best time for them to sunbathing (Balcony, terrace, park, etc.) and to catch color that they ever wanted. The good news to all who are able to swim and likes water so much; most shops here in Czech Republic are now having 50% discount to all swimming and summer items. (Giggling) Which I am also not excited about, because still can’t swim.

According to the news, older people are now having some health issues because of this weather which usually ups, and down temperature. Most of them are having heart attacks and any other inconvenience.

Well, I do understand them, because I felt the same. Though, I am not old person, but I do have bad experience with warm weather. This is the most uncomfortable season for me. I felt dizzy, sweats, and never the less, maybe more worst of sleeping.

So everyone out there. Pack up some water wherever you go. Dehydration is somewhat a huge problem during summer!