Learning Czech Language (My own Fairy tale)

My Czech formal class for beginners will soon be over. I have learned a lot of things, rules, and how to make it better in writing grammar and even speaking. Although, I couldn’t say if I am that good, or just better enough to understand locals and me to be understood by them.

A lot of activities, test, and constructions of my own sentences, paragraphs happened in the school; even fairy tale happened. (Giggling) I am actually making simple Short fairy tale or in Czech Krátká Pohádka; 

It was fun, and I myself, can hardly believe that I could make. Although, of course I am thankful that my teacher (Moje Učitelka) is very good in teaching.

So,here is small fairy tale I wrote using the words I learned from our previous lessons: I just like to share it. Hope you’ll like it.

Náš Poklad

Tam byl Král a Královna, kteří žili s princem a princeznou. Jednoho dne, drak přišel a vzal prince a princeznu. Král a Královna, plánuji cestovat. Potřebojou poklad pro draka, takže se můžou vzit zpět princ a princezna.

Král a Královna chtějí najít jejich prince a princezna. Půjdou dlouho cestu. Přijdou do zámku. První, projdou les a pak přeplavou řeku. Tam je nebezpečné krokodýl. Vyjdou na vysokou horu, a sejdou dolu z hory, a pak uvidí zámek kde bydlí drak.

Když přišli na zámku, mají strach protože drak je velmi nebezpečný, ale musí najít prince a princeznu ale nejdrív musí zabít draka.

Král a Královna spolu bojovali a porazil draka. Když drak je mrtvý, všichni  vyjdou z zámek. Nechali poklad na zámku a řekli ” Náš Prince a Naše Princezna je náš poklad”. 

Přijdou domu (na hradě), a žili spolu št´astně.


The challenges I made for myself!

Since I started attending formal language class; I also make my own list to challenge myself and to see if class is actually helping me. I started last Monday (September 10) for 90 minutes. I got 2 days break because I visited Gynecologist Tuesday, and Wednesday my teacher is busy so I  too. Wednesday as my first day to challenge myself.

My husband went to office in the morning (Wednesday), and so I woke up a little late, because I don’t have anything to do. (Not because I am lazy) Well, when I woke up, I decided to plan how to make my day useful and at the same time, challenging!

I prepared my money and I think shopping is something I can do as a good start. I don’t really care what to buy (nothing specific). I went out, while it’s raining. I saw this young boy (probably from school) I greeted him “Dobrý Den”; and so did he. After that, I was kind of happy. I told myself “That’s a good start for today”. (Giggling) Continue reading

Budu se učit čeština dnes. (I will learn Czech today)

I haven’ t open my book for like a month now, I stopped because I needed a break for all the pressure from this studying and many things in my mind. Today, as I woke up; after I had my coffee, I open my net-book and I immediately looked for my Facebook account and then it turns that nobody seems to like talking to me over the Facebook right now, and then I realized that there are more important things to do today, rather than spending my time surfing the Facebook.

I ran to the bathroom, where our washing machine is placed, and then I put all the white clothes and start spinning. I went back to the living room and grabbed my net-book  again and my book but this time  it was’t about Facebook. I decided to start reading and learning Czech language (Český jazyk) again. This time I felt in my heart the willingness and excitement again; something that are really needed when learning something. Perhaps, the pressure is gone from my head and now I am able to start again hoping that I will finish reading the books before end of this month.

First thing I wanted to do is to review every lesson (Lekce) I learned before I stopped studying, so I will be able to recall what I already knew. So far, I have 14 lessons (čtrnáct lekcí)to review and 6 more lessons to learn. Well it’s not that all, because after this book; I will need to start reading the other batch. (Giggling)

So anyway, to share with you some knowledge here are greetings in Czech. If you ever visited Czech, I think you may like to speak at least some of their greetings, and etc. So let’s begin:

Hello (Good day)- Dobrý den

Hi- Ahoj, Čau, Nazdar

Good morning- Dobré Ráno

Good afternoon- Dorbré Odpoledne

Good evening- Dobrý Večer

Good night- Dobrou Noc

Good bye- Na shledanou

How are you?- Jak se máš (For friends) Jak se máte (For formal approach)

Have a nice day!- Hezký Den 

I am not sure if I include everything, that is all I remember for now. Apologies if I have mistaken some word, I am not sure if all my readers are just English speaker or maybe also Czech. (Giggling)

Apologies in Czech:

Sorry- Promiň

Excuse me- Promiňte

I’m so sorry- Je mi líto

Okay, I think that is all for now. I need to go study again. Good bye (Na shledanou)

Have a nice day! (Hezký den)