Forever is a very long journey to take. Journey wherein you are about to face almost every kind of emotions and experiences in life. A journey which is a way better if you are not alone to face it. Forever, is a very complicated word attached by the word “Trust”. The combination of two are way powerful than you think.

Everyone is dreaming and wishing of a good life, a good path ahead of them that will stay forever ’till death maybe. So do I. But I only wish for something simple. To have good life; Good and complete family on my own; A husband that will love me, care for me, and will be there forever without hurting me; Families, relatives, friends that will understand and will be there whenever I fall. These are very simple wish, but I am not sure whose gonna stay with me in my Forever Journey.

Every day is a challenge and like any other normal people; I have that too. I cry, I laugh like a normal person. I opted to take every single step of the way with people/person I thought are/is gonna be there forever. Nowadays, I am not so sure anymore. I felt like I had a lot to take. I have a lot to settle inside me. I am scared that at the end of the day; I am going to be all alone, by myself figuring out why my journey has to turn out different. I am afraid that all of them are just gonna turn their back against me, or maybe even stub me from the back, without me knowing that it’s coming no matter how I try to avoid it to happen. I am not so powerful to stop things from happening. But I am trying to be a good person so that people around me will stay loyal, faithful, and wroth the trust. But maybe, I have gone different path. A path full of problems, and I couldn’t turn back, because I don’t want to. My heart says, “Never turn back”.  Continue reading

When the time is right!

Exactly! When the time is right, we can do things right! You are confuse? Me neither. Let say, most people just do things without thinking whether it is right or wrong? What are the possible consequences of what they are dealing with. I have seen enough of situation by other people’s action that usually ended to a big mistake; most of them got a huge unfavorable result of what they did because they never want to wait for the right time.Doing things and putting plans into action at the right time; do less damage to life than getting involve into some decisions that will put your life in to huge risk, and do damages that you couldn’t possibly imagine. Life is just great, and wonderful; but if you do things without thinking; without looking for possible life you’ll have; well then, I don’t think it will still be great for you.

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Another thing which makes me so excited about this month is that; we are soon moving to our own place. A place where I am sure I will feel at home, and much more comfortable.  We finally can call it “OUR OWN HOME”. We are currently just renting one bedroom condo here in our city. Our new home was started to build five or four months ago. Now, it is finally soon be ready to be occupied.

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There are two different kinds of wives; one is the working wives, and one is the housewives. There are women who are working, just like their husband. Earning money, and out of the house for like 8-9 hours a day. They were not being contented to stay home; they want to continue exploring themselves. Some are usually at home, taking care of kids, and doing household chores. How about those wives, who haven’t kids yet? We are alone, waiting for our husband to arrive from the work; preparing best things we can, just like what I am doing every day. Continue reading