My Wish List

Do not say "NO" to this lovely Asian Wife. :)

Do not say “NO” to this lovely Asian Wife. ­čÖé

Sometimes it is hard for someone to give present to another person specially when they knew that he/she almost have everything that she/he will ever wanted. So why make everything so difficult? I think best way to do the gift giving easier as much as possible is to have a wish list; where you will put all things you wanted to have and so you wouldn’t miss anything, (and make sure the prospect person to grant your wish will surely see your own wish list.) So today I create my wish list and hoping that it will be granted at least some of them, or maybe I’ll buy them for myself. Let’s see.

1. Chanel Bag

I always wanted a Chanel bag but never had a chance to purchase one, so maybe I let it up to someone with a good heart. (Giggling) Okay the reason why I include Chanel bag is because? Wait let me think…… Nope,, no reason! Maybe because I am woman, and I have a need. (Giggling)

2. Michael Kors Bag

Just have this feeling that I have to get one of this bag. It’s pricey but probably worth it. Just love to add some in my collection.

3. Louis Vuitton Bag

I really love bags so I guess having one from each brand is not gonna hurt somebody’s pocket right? Or my pocket? I wasn’t really big fun of Louis Vuitton bag before (maybe because of its color) but I am starting to think that I should get one and see where it is going to lead me. Maybe it will lead me to poverty. Hope not! Continue reading