Paris,France 2012

Paris, France

Paris, France

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Paris is the capital and largest city of France. Last September 21 of this year 2012, we finally made it there. The weather wasn’t so friendly as we landed to the Paris airport (Terminal 3). It started to rain, with horrible wind. It was so bad! We waited for taxi to take us to the Hotel. Well I must say, Taxi driver doesn’t know much how to speak English. So we decided to just have nearly an hour of silence in the car. The driver says, bad weather just started by the time we landed. Such a luck!

The traffic was kind of huge that time. It was Friday, so people are either going out of the city or coming to the city. Both ways, they are causing traffic.

Our first day, wasn’t so good, because of the weather. We tried to just walk around while raining and cold. We wanted to at least be familiarized to the city, so as soon as the weather got better, then we know exactly where to go. Until night, the rain didn’t stop; not until 9:00 in the evening. By that time, we decided to head to hotel, and get some rest. Our way was on the Eiffel tower;there was this guy selling roses, and my husband got me three red roses. (Sweet) When we arrived to hotel, I noticed my husband got a fever. (Sigh) Continue reading