I got mad

Your Anicka got so mad saturday in the afternoon, for some reason. What reason? Well, it isn’t a big deal at all. It just my hormones are playing with me again, and I easily got upset in something which isn’t supposed to be upset with. So yeah, I am going to tell. It was about my portfolio in stock photo. We checked my keywords for each photo that some website approved, and it happened to be missing the keywords which are the most important. So, since I don’t want to delete and upload it over again; I got so mad.

My net-book was suddenly so closed to me when it happened and so I almost smashed it into death. Thank God, it isn’t  broken at all. My husband was trying to calm me down, and kept saying “it’s okay”, but I know it isn’t, because it will be harder to find my photos without the most important keywords.

Well, I guess this photography thing is driving me into some kind of temporary insanity. I even loss weight because, I became obsessed into taking photos of everything, and so I haven’t eating, and my appetite was kind of lost. So yesterday, my husband started to watch my food. In the morning when I woke up he made me a toast bread, just so we are able to say I have eaten something before I start the day. Continue reading