Friendly Relationship.

I wrote the article in titled “List to Learn” right after our trip to Budapest, Hungary. If you all noticed now there are two among these list which are now marked as “Done”. Last time I wrote about how I made my first ever baking, as successful ones and on the other hand, we also made new friends in our neighborhood. How this happened?

Here it is. Since we moved in our new place, we always have encounter with the couple of living next door. My husband had a little chat with the guy, because he is kind of friendly to everyone. So there the conversation started. He was the one who put name in our ring down the building, and he is also one of the officer looking after those people living here. Every time we see each other on the hall, they often have a little talk, and then there was the time I saw his girlfriend living with him. I never tried to interfere to their conversation because I thought, they don’t speak English at all. So when they were talking on the hall, I just listen, smile and whatever! (Giggling) All of the sudden, we decided to break the seal! We all were so formal to each other until we arrived from Hungary. We accidentally crossed to each other’s path, while we were at the shopping mall at around 5pm. My husband was kind of so excited so he just invited them the same day at around 9 in the evening. I was shocked even though they were speaking using Czech language; I kind of understand and I knew my husband invited them at 9 in the evening which I wasn’t prepared, the house wasn’t prepared too.(Giggling) Continue reading


I may not be like any other famous expert when it comes to relationship, but one thing I am sure about is that, I know the better and I know it can possibly best. They said there is no perfect relationship. It is really truly does!

Each one of us is meant to be with the right one, out there. Look around you, maybe he/she is just sitting or standing next to you. Luckily, I already find the right one for me, so I will not be able to search with you guys!!! (Giggling) but I surely will help you though. Continue reading

Never gets bored!!!

There are many reasons why men are cheating to their woman. Why is that? I still don’t know the feeling of being cheated, since I have my loving husband that would rather jump from our balcony than to cheat on me, and because I always asked what he want and I will immediately do it in order to make him the happiest husband in the world. (Giggling) Nowadays, many women are suffering from depression, because of being cheated.

Men are just men! Most of them are looking for something extra in relationship. Let say everything extra. Other men are cheating to their women because of many things like; want to experience something else; bored with partner; want some fun; some are really addiction and can never control; and most of them are looking for something extra that they cannot see from their partner. Oh, if you are man who is currently reading my blog, please do respond if I am right or wrong.

You will probably ask me why I know that stuff. Simple thoughts were resolved by asking. Yes, I did asked my husband the questions started to how, why, and when? My husband told me why many guys were cheating to their women. Something that made me worried was that my husband is a man too, he will probably do same thing like other man. Oh that’s right, I am being paranoid sometimes. Since I wanted to avoid situation like that to happen, I asked directly why? He said there are guys who has just addiction and can never control by any other means; some was just doing that because they were bored from their partner; and most of them were looking for something that their partner don’t have. Oh yeah, I got an idea now, and it’s more and more clear, like crystal clear! Continue reading


When was the last time your husband gave you flowers? Did he give it to you because he apologized about something; was that occasionally, or was that just a surprised? We woman have this attitude of being demanding. Oh c’ mon don’t deny it! We want something but we don’t want to tell that to our man, because we are expecting that he’ll do it by himself, without asking what we really want.

 There are many ways to keep your man aware to what you want. You just need to be more creative and a bit more demanding in some cases. Though, I am not saying that you should tell your husband to buy you this, that, and everything you want. What I am trying to say is that, be demanding and try to get your man’s attention over any other things. Get some excitement in the relationship that will make both of you to love each other more. A simple flower for at least once in a month is one thing that you can demand to your man. How to do it? It wasn’t easy, as you thought it was. It depends how confident you are. So let’s start. Continue reading