Safety Tips In Online Dating

People use to do online dating now.  People who don’t have a chance to actually court someone or do not have time for real dating ended up using the internet to fulfill their needs. Online dating is more likely a risk that most people do try to take. Some people got lucky and some people either got heart-broken, scammed or unlucky to find love no matter how they tried. There are people who are using online dating just to scam people who are innocent.

Here are the tips that might guide you while doing the online dating.


Here is the first thing you should remember when dating online. When people ask about your income, or how much exactly do you earn a month; then consider it a warning.

Online dating is made to get to know someone over the internet, but when people ask you about money matters, specially during the first few days of chatting online; then consider it some kind of scam that will just end you up into broken heart. (not all but it is better to avoid them).

There are some instances that people who you are chatting might actually ask you to send them money and give you some dramas or story that will melt your heart. Do not do that.Don’t bite it! Giving them once just because you pity them will end up badly for you. It’s either, they will love you for your money, or use you to get their life in a better place. Remember, you are not someone else’s bank, or accountant! Continue reading