Sam is Bigger and Smarter!!!

We picked up Sam when he was only 8 weeks old. He was just so little, and out of the surgery somewhere around his tummy. He doesn’t know many things. He was young and the only thing he knew what to do is to sleep, and do stuff on the floor. That includes, everything.

Now, Sam is staying with us for almost 3 months now. (Been a while) The first month is the tricky part; where he actually pee and poo wherever he wanted. He ate dog foods we are giving to him without problem. Maybe that is why he grew so fast. During the first month of his stay with us; I taught him how to use his potty pad; and he learns very fast; but I can’t really say he perfectly get it. What I wanted to say is that; he still do his thing on the floor when he was not supervised (mostly at night). Which means; I have cleaning to do in the morning, like daily habit.

Like I said; all have gotten tricky during the first month. I really thought I was going to give up on him, but it got better. Now? He is using his potty pad regularly. Day or night, supervised or not. I am happy when I see him running to his potty pad to do his thing. I no longer clean the floor non-stop. Or I no longer worry. I don’t have to follow him whenever he leaves my sight. I know that he is using his potty pad, and I am happy and proud because if I didn’t pay much attention on teaching him; I don’t think he’ll ever learn to do it. So yeah! I am proud!!! (Giggles)

Our Sam (3 months old of age in this photo)

Our Sam (3 months old of age in this photo)

I also taught him some tricks during his first month with us. He learns quickly than I thought. Unfortunately, the video is not very good quality so I just leave it for next time.  Continue reading