Spring Won’t Show Up

Weather has been really crazy here in Czech Republic. It feels like snow doesn’t want to go away, and spring doesn’t want to show-up. People are getting sick of this cold weather which supposed to be gone by now. No wonder!

I enjoy snow pretty much and that’s a fact, but this? This is too much for this year. It’s way too long now, and people are looking forward to have pretty warm sunshine, and a fine weather to enjoy outdoor activities. But we can’t do anything about it. It is, how it is.

News report on the television says that we might experience this weather until the beginning of the next month. But of course, who knows? (-4,-9, -8) Those are the temperature shown on my smart phone, I guess I don’t need to remove winter clothes out from the closet. It’s still needed.

This is the photo I captured today. After 2-3 days of snowfall, see how messy road we have right now. So slippery, dirty, specially when you went out for walk.  Continue reading

Christmas In Our Home 2012

I have been told two days ago; to send Santa Claus an e-mail to tell what I wish for Christmas. (Giggling) I guess I am just too busy to do that, and I don’t actually care much what I’m gonna have this year. I mean, as we both planning to visit the Philippines and spend some time to be with my family. Well, I guess we are going to need a lot of money. So gift is actually okay whether it will be under the tree or not. So far, I have been very busy escaping to my husband in order to buy him a present. So today, I got my chance to do it.

The road was slippery and icy because the temperature dropped to 1°C , and was raining in the morning. Today is the only day I can manage to buy him presents. So I had to risk it! By the way, my health insurance just expired a week ago, and never had time to renew. Well,extra careful!

While my husband was out to meet guys today, I am busy roaming around the mall and thinking what I actually want to give to my husband. He has everything, and that makes it even more difficult. So I just find something simple. Don’t know if he’ll like it, but I hope so! On the way home, the road was slippery; and I was kind of afraid to walk back home, because the way was ups and down. Once my feet slip ,then I am screwed! Thank God, nothing happened!

photo (2)

So when I arrived home. I had to hurry to wrap everything up. After I settles everything, I put all of the gifts under the tree. Which by the way, only stands today. It’s kind of late right? Well, doesn’t matter how long the tree is standing in one side of our home; what matters most is that we have it, and now I can feel that Christmas is finally here. Gifts for nephew, nieces, father in-law and mother in-law are right there under the tree including present I got for my husband. Too bad, I really don’t see anything for me. (Giggling) Maybe, Santa wants e-mail!

The Spirit of Christmas In Czech Republic

It will be my third time to celebrate Christmas here in Czech Republic. Of course the first one, was during my first visit, and the second one was last year here in our new place; and now. The snow is all over the place here in our city.(Jihlava). The snow was unstoppable for 2 days, then it comes and goes. Enough to make road slippery and enough to make surroundings beautifully white. It’s definitely white all over the city. The lake near-by our flat building was frozen and often visited by those people who actually enjoyed ice-skating. So, then I am wondering whether it will be still snowing on and before the Christmas celebration. I think, it would be nice if it will be.

The frozen lake has visitors.  :D

The frozen lake has visitors. 😀

After 2 consecutive days of snowing.....Snow all over the place.

After 2 consecutive days of snowing….Snow all over the place.

The spirit of Christmas are actually all over the city. There are Christmas markets (selling wines, breads, homemade salami, etc) There are also Christmas tress and lights, which is very beautiful at night. There are also competition for who has a better Christmas tree. Well, the competitors are from elementary, and nursery school. They were building the tree in the school and put it, to the city center so people can actually see their work and in the end the best ones will be declared winner. Continue reading