Czech Spring 2013

After a very long winter, spring has finally shows up here in Czech Republic. The weather is nice, and from time to time we get some rain. The trees are starting to be green and flowers are blooming. You can smell the fresh wind breeze while the birds are chirping day and night. Although, there is something I don’t really like about spring and summer; that is the small insects that goes inside the house when you leave doors and windows open. They just love the light specially at night, and they just died inside; and its kind of messy. Daily cleaning is really a must.

You can’t really avoid leaving windows or doors open because here in Czech Republic, we don’t use air-condition. There are some place where they use air-condition but it’s very rare here. So when temperature gets a little bit higher, and sun shines great; then we have no choice but to leave doors and windows open so we get to have some air or just to get a little get better temperature inside our home.

Spring is about outdoor activities, that is why it more traffic on the road during Friday, because people are usually going on weekend road trips, or to mountains and rent some cottage to spend the weekends in the woods. Motor bikers are also hitting the road, and also cause more accident because of their deadly speed, and that is why I hear ambulance every now and then, so often. Continue reading

Spring Won’t Show Up

Weather has been really crazy here in Czech Republic. It feels like snow doesn’t want to go away, and spring doesn’t want to show-up. People are getting sick of this cold weather which supposed to be gone by now. No wonder!

I enjoy snow pretty much and that’s a fact, but this? This is too much for this year. It’s way too long now, and people are looking forward to have pretty warm sunshine, and a fine weather to enjoy outdoor activities. But we can’t do anything about it. It is, how it is.

News report on the television says that we might experience this weather until the beginning of the next month. But of course, who knows? (-4,-9, -8) Those are the temperature shown on my smart phone, I guess I don’t need to remove winter clothes out from the closet. It’s still needed.

This is the photo I captured today. After 2-3 days of snowfall, see how messy road we have right now. So slippery, dirty, specially when you went out for walk.  Continue reading