Vienna, Austria

Like we planned during my husband’s first year as a non-smoker; we visited Vienna, Austria ( the capital and largest city in Austria;  for second time) to spend our weekend. We hit the road last Friday, July 20 at nearly 12:30 in the afternoon. It was three hours from Jihlava to Vienna.

A photo from our last year visit to Vienna, Austria

A photo from our last year visit to Vienna, Austria

The weather was a little bit  cloudy when we arrived to Vienna. It was nearly 4:30 in the afternoon when we decided to go at the city center to shop, because it was impossible to look around in some interesting places because it was about to rain.  My husband and I found really good deal for branded stuff in the shopping mall in the city center (Stephansplatz).  (Mondays-Fridays closing at 8:00pm, Saturday closing of mall and shop at 6:00pm and every Sunday are totally closed)

There are discounts everywhere, and my husband finally found something for himself. There are Armani, Calvin Klein, etc. and then we both noticed that he has almost complete stuff and I don’t have any for myself. (Giggling) (I guess he is the one to be called Shopaholic now) Therefore, my husband insisted that I should try one of the Armani ladies shirt, so I grabbed one and try it on. It was kind of cute, and so I finally have one for me; when we went to look around there was this announcer (announcing something in German language) which I did not understand what was all about. My husband says, the shop are closing, so we have to pay my shirt before it’s too late. Yeah, they are closing so early, even if there are still so many people shopping. They probably don’t care. (Giggling)

Maybe some of you are thinking that I was upset to not have much stuff; well, believe it or not; I wasn’t upset at all, because my husband finally enjoyed shopping, and I am very grateful that he liked his new stuffs. (which is very unusual, because he doesn’t like to shop much)

So when we went back to our hotel, we decided to get some rest earlier because we are planning to spend the whole next day to visit some interesting places, like gardens, palace,  park, do photography so I can add them into my portfolio, but before we even got the chance to rest; I was sad, and there I felt like talking about some of my past anxiety, these things and people who burden me. I got so upset, and then I started the discussion about my family whom I missed so much. I was probably homesick! Continue reading