Weekend Special in Prague (July 14-15) Late Post

Our weekend has been a little bit unlucky. It turns out that the weather became so unfriendly, and gives us nothing but rain. However, it was pretty romantic! Under the rain, under the tree hugging to warm each other for we both are not prepared for such weather to come up, and make the two of us a little bit cold, and wet from the huge rain drops.

So here is the story….

We arrived to Prague Saturday in about 2pm, we checked-in to the hotel called “U Tří Pštrosů” front of this hotel is the Charles Bridge (Karlov Most) (For more Hotels). The weather seems fine, so we walked around and took some photos which I will also use in my portfolio. We both were very starving so we walked-in to one Czech restaurant and ate their traditional/typical food called “Goulash”.

Good weather when we arrived to Prague July 14, in Saturday afternoon.

Good weather when we arrived to Prague July 14, in Saturday afternoon.

That was a very nice weather when we arrived, and I captured this photo of couple who have their pictorial with Charles Bridge as the background. That day, there are many people who actually asked me favor to take them their photos (using their camera) so I was kind of thinking that I am actually looked like real photographer,  I guess. (Giggling)

Our day was all about walking, eating, photography, and we also enjoyed the romantic evening by walking to the Charles Bridge at nearly 12 midnight where not much people, and only lights and cold breeze. My husband was telling me some of his plan for the next week and he really seems so excited about it, so do I!

When we were at the hotel room, my husband asked me what are my dreams? I mentioned many things to him, and he was glad to hear. He was so curious about what was in my mind, and how I feel. Sometimes, I wanted to think; he is being nice because of his greatest achievement as Non-smoker. (Giggling) he also mentioned to me that he was thinking before; that we should move to Prague because it will be best for me. Given the fact, that Czech language is still in process inside my brain.

He asked for my ideas about that plan; but I said I like Jihlava better than Prague. Although, in Prague I don’t have to speak Czech, because most people speak English, but Jihlava is just nice. Peaceful place, and his relatives are all residing in that city; which I also think best for our future children, because I don’t want our future children to live with unknown people, and grow like they have their own world. (that’s harsh)

So that night was all about plans for our future. After the discussion we both went to bed and rest, because we have to wake up earlier.

The next morning, we checked-out immediately, went to eat and we went to Petřín (A huge garden, with overlooking view of Prague). The weather was fine when we left the hotel, and the restaurant, but as soon as we got there to Petřín, the weather turns really bad. There was the thunder-storm, then the clouds was dark, so then the huge rain followed. We only have very small umbrella (mine) so my husband wanted to go to the restaurant near-by Petřín Tower. Unfortunately, when we got there, they don’t have any space at all, because people already occupied when the rain started. Other people decided to take the lift and went back to city, while we waited for the rain to stop. It did stopped, but when we were ready to take good photos of these beautiful roses, the rain started to hit again; that’s the time we decided to take the lift down (I called it lift because until now, I don’t have any idea how it is called)

At Petrin Garden Prague, Czech Republic

At Petrin Garden Prague, Czech Republic

So as you can see at the photo; that is how the next day became so unfriendly. Huge rain that even captured by our camera while we were hiding under the tree. We were hoping to stop so we can finally go.

So bought two tickets, and when we arrived at the bottom of the hill, we saw the pizzeria and stayed there until the rain stop. My husband ate the whole mushroom pizza, and I only have vegetable soup. As we stayed a bit longer to pizzeria, I saw that the weather was a little better, and since my husband was so eager to take good photos of these roses for my portfolio, he asked me if we can go back to Petřín hill again. I was fine with that, so we went back.

When we got to the top, we finally have the chance to take beautiful photos of roses. The fresh air was really relaxing, and I often need to hug my husband because I was still cold because my clothes are still a little bit wet from rain. (he said that was really romantic after rain, because wind are cold and so I have more reason to hug him)

Beautiful red rose after huge rain in Petrin Garden Prague, Czech Republic

Beautiful red rose after huge rain in Petrin Garden Prague, Czech Republic

It was nearly 3 in the afternoon, when my husband decided to call his friend to pick us up in Petřín. (all the way from Jihlava- one hour and half by car) So while we were waiting for him, we decided to take a look at some other place near-by. Suddenly, the huge rain hit us again. It was more huge than earlier, and the wind was strong and mad. We have nowhere to go, but under the tree. We stayed there with our small umbrella, while waiting to a friend to come and rescue us. Then I said “How come we again went back here. See what happened?

Then my husband says, “Well, it is still romantic. Now we are here under the tree. “

Then the rescue (friend) arrived. We ran to his car, and go back to Jihlava.

So that is how our weekend special turns out to be unlucky yet romantic. (Giggling)

2 comments on “Weekend Special in Prague (July 14-15) Late Post

  1. Dear Anicka,

    Good to hear from you again in language of poetry. 🙂 I have really enjoyed your writing.

    I agree with your views that person should live where you have majority of relatives than to unknown people. And also it depend on culture & atmosphere of own home & family.

    Pictures of roses are good but roses were very small than Indian roses. In northern part of India i.e. Shimla & Kashmir, one can find roses as big as lotus (not joking at all).

    I agree with your hubby that rain & winter both are always for enjoyment and comes with lots of romantic time together. There is reason to stay together.

    Keep posting 🙂

    Warm regards,


    • Hello There,

      Thank you for such a compliment, I am glad that you enjoyed it. 😀

      Yes, indeed! It is difficult to move in some place where people are like strangers. I have such feeling before, (glad its over) so I never want my future children to feel same. I will be happy to have my future children get more closer to relatives and friends.

      Well, interesting! I would like to see Indian roses then, because I love roses and if it is really big there in India, I guess that is really amazing. 😀

      Have a nice day!

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