Weekly Stage Symptoms in Pregnancy

17 weeks of pregnancy.

17 weeks of pregnancy.

I just thought I share some of the symptoms that is coming to me every week of my pregnancy. I would like to start during 7th weeks because that’s when I finally got my nausea and that’s when it’s actually started

Week 7: Nausea started, feeling sick whole day, sneezing. I needed to get my own bucket to make it more comfortable to puke. Whole day in bed due to dizziness.

Week 8: Nausea, sneezing, vision problem (blurry), sensitivity to lights, excessive saliva. Puke around whole day as well.

Week 9: Nausea started to get a little better. My vision is worst and worst. I have no appetite, and actually losing weight rapidly.

Week 10: Nausea came back. It get worst and I had to puke every after meal. One of the worst week in my pregnancy.

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Evaporation Line or Positive Pregnancy Result.

The upper test was the one I used and thought was evaporated line.

The upper test was the one I used and thought was evaporated line.

So well, let’s break the news. I am pregnant!!!! and so far I am on my 17 weeks today, but since I haven’t posted here anything about it due to my severe nausea during my first trimester and even now I still get the nausea ever now and then. I am that sensitive in this pregnancy. I really thought it would disappear as soon as I pass through first trimester but here I am still fighting with it. So that is pretty much the whole reason on why I haven’t updated my page. I pretty much have my whole first trimester staying on my bed, visiting the toilet every time, due to morning sickness, and I wasn’t able to actually use any gadgets because I became so sensitive in my vision. Everything which are bright and have lights on are making me dizzy and nausea. Even the TV is not much of a use during that time. I hardly watch anything because I don’t feel very good every time I looked at it. I’d rather stay on bed and sleep/nap.

Anyway, let me share with you all the story behind the pregnancy test I did on the day of my birthday (Dec.30). I was just about to surprise myself because I was almost a week late on my period that time. I haven’t tested yet because I got scared of all the negative result I had every time I tested before. Continue reading

I’m Back!

Hello everyone, I am back! Been so long since the last time I updated my blog. Sorry for that. I have some health issue that caused me not to write anything or even use any gadgets. So far, I feel a little bit better and I’m willing to share you guys some good news.

It’s been a while that I don’t even know where to start. I just hope I am that better to write the whole thing up in few hours but I still can’t so it’ll be a little bit shorter for now. I will share you more as soon as feel completely better.


Four Hours For Curtains

Our dining area.

Our dining area.

It’s been two years that my husband and I live here in our very own flat. I must say that, there are many things which are still missing to make it look great. Two weeks ago we went to shop and look for curtains so that we can finally have something to decorate the windows.

I didn’t realize how hard and how much time it would actually take to just decide of what kind of curtains is best.

I know! If I’d be the one to choose, I’ll be just picking something I like and easy to hang. But well, there are things which are important to consider like;

*Quality: Whether it is hard to maintain or not. If it’s not so sensitive and leave marks when folded. Or if it’s going to be removed just from ironing. Ha! Continue reading

Why Does “Help”Always Come With The Word “Politics”.

Neighbors who helped packing the goods.

Neighbors who helped packing the goods.

My family here in Czech republic and other concern friends and relatives have shared amount of money in order to provide relief goods to distribute to other victims of typhoon Yolanda. Through my family back in the Philippines; we managed to bought, packed and distributed the relief goods to hundreds of family in our area. Our area wasn’t affected like in Tacloban or Leyte, but we also experienced a terrible lost of crops and properties. Some place were also flooded. It’s doesn’t have to be always the reason is “death” in order to received help from anyone. Anyway, since  more help from other countries and other concern citizens went to most affected area like Tacloban, Leyte, etc; my family in both side has decided to give it to our area where my family lives. Continue reading

Anniversary Getaway in České Švycarsko

Unlike any other previous celebrations my husband and I had for our wedding anniversary; this time we went elsewhere. Since we finally have our own car, it is now easy to travel and we kind of have freedom without thinking whether it is a good idea to go somewhere without being in a hurry all the time.

27th of October, a day before our anniversary; when my husband and I left home. We decided to spend our anniversary outside the city, this place called “České Švýcarsko” . It is I think more or less than 250 km away from our city. It’s far but worth it!

The place is very good. The lovely nature is just great. I was amazed by its beauty. It is very peaceful, and the tress, rocks; etc. are just fantastic.

Away from the noisy and populated city; it is way better for relaxing. I am happy that I choose to spend our anniversary right at that very spot.

We actually arrived around 4 in the afternoon at cottage where we choose to stay for a couple of days. So, it was quite dark and it’s not possible to go some place to see and follow the trails, so we decided to just plan our trip that evening for the next day.  First thing in the morning, we woke up early had breakfast and started our early morning adventure. We decided to follow the red trails that will lead us to this “Pravčická Brána”, it is a natural sandstone arch or other says natural stone bridge. Anyway, they said that Pravčická Brána is the largest natural sandstone arch in Europe. Several films were actually filmed at that very spot.

So ‘d like to share the pictures I took on the way to Pravčická Brána, hope you’ll enjoy. Check out the following pictures below. Enjoy!

October 28, 2013 Our Third Wedding Anniversary.

October 28, 2013 Our Third Wedding Anniversary.

This is just one spot you’ll find on the way. Our trail started at U Fořta Penzion (Mezna), where we checked-in. I love the wooden stairs, plus the beautiful colors of leaves that fell onto the ground. Beautiful isn’t? Continue reading

Trying to Conceive

It’s been a while since the last time I ever posted article regarding our TTC (Trying to conceive). We have been on and off trying, due to busy schedules. It’s exactly year of trying and we yet not succeed. It makes me worried. I have been trying ovulation prediction kit to help me know when I do ovulate. It wasn’t very long since I started using OPK test. I got positive at the 19th day of my cycle, but last month out of the blue, it jumped-up to 23 cycle which I believe was very late. If I do ovulate and happened to do the baby dancing; I don’t think it will even successfully implant because there isn’t much time. My luteal phase gets shorter because I have ovulate late, and because of that it makes it more impossible to actually get pregnant.

I do not think too much about it, but I am just hoping that my luteal phase will be fixed sooner. Although, in this cycle where I ovulate late; I haven’t get my monthly period just yet. I am already 8 days late, but trying to hold on to avoiding the pregnancy test. It’s easier to hold it for me this time, because I have learned from my lesson; that whenever I have 1-3 delays I am immediately testing, and 4 hours later I do get my period. Yeah! That bad! So now, I don’t really care anymore, at least whatever happens next I wouldn’t end with a heart-broken. Continue reading

Third (3rd) Wedding Anniversary (Late Post)

When I count of days, months, and years; I could hardly believe how fast we’ve gotten this far. Three years of our marriage, full of love, respect, understanding, and happiness. I couldn’t even remember when was the last we even argue about something (Giggling) (Perhaps 2 years ago?)

Well, like I always do; I do get this opportunity to give a message to my loving husband.

Our Anniversary Getaway!!! October 28, 2013..Much Love Honey!!!

Our Anniversary Getaway!!! October 28, 2013. Much Love Honey!!!

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Teaching and Learning

My brother in-law has decided to learn English language and asks for my help, of course I do not take money for teaching. That’s not me. But he offers to help communicate more in Czech language. I think that is best learning strategy that we could come-up.

The first few minutes, was a little bit hard because I do not know how far he already knows. So literally, few minutes was about catching up and to become more comfortable to each other. Afterwards, we looked up his homework which was about using “that, those, this, and these” which is easier to discuss with him. There are some misunderstanding though, which is pretty normal.

He is improving but I guess four hours of his intensive course a day is a little bit odd. They never discussed some important basics, which supposed to be at the beginning in order for him to communicate a little bit. I observed that they jumped-up quite far ahead into learning words without discussing even the question that begins to ” Where?”. Continue reading