Trying to Conceive

It’s been a while since the last time I ever posted article regarding our TTC (Trying to conceive). We have been on and off trying, due to busy schedules. It’s exactly year of trying and we yet not succeed. It makes me worried. I have been trying ovulation prediction kit to help me know when I do ovulate. It wasn’t very long since I started using OPK test. I got positive at the 19th day of my cycle, but last month out of the blue, it jumped-up to 23 cycle which I believe was very late. If I do ovulate and happened to do the baby dancing; I don’t think it will even successfully implant because there isn’t much time. My luteal phase gets shorter because I have ovulate late, and because of that it makes it more impossible to actually get pregnant.

I do not think too much about it, but I am just hoping that my luteal phase will be fixed sooner. Although, in this cycle where I ovulate late; I haven’t get my monthly period just yet. I am already 8 days late, but trying to hold on to avoiding the pregnancy test. It’s easier to hold it for me this time, because I have learned from my lesson; that whenever I have 1-3 delays I am immediately testing, and 4 hours later I do get my period. Yeah! That bad! So now, I don’t really care anymore, at least whatever happens next I wouldn’t end with a heart-broken.

These eight (8) days late on my period is the longest delay I have ever had. It is usually from 1-5, so I don’t really know what to think right now. I haven’t change anything; like vitamins, sleeping pattern, etc. that can cause delay.

I was thinking that if I ever get the positive this time, I would be so happy and I would have a great wedding anniversary gift for my loving husband. (We did celebrate wedding anniversary last Monday, 28th of October)

Unfortunately, on the 9th day while we just arrived at the cottage where we went to celebrate our anniversary; my period shows up. (Day before anniversary) It was sad, but of course it was much better feelings because I wasn’t expecting too much this time. I didn’t even bother to test. But of course, I’m sad because my cycle is doom. My husband and I discuss to go to fertility doctor to be checked. So we will know for sure, what are we doing wrong. I hope everything goes well. We will just keep on trying. Fingers cross indeed!

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