Trying to Conceive

It’s been a while since the last time I ever posted article regarding our TTC (Trying to conceive). We have been on and off trying, due to busy schedules. It’s exactly year of trying and we yet not succeed. It makes me worried. I have been trying ovulation prediction kit to help me know when I do ovulate. It wasn’t very long since I started using OPK test. I got positive at the 19th day of my cycle, but last month out of the blue, it jumped-up to 23 cycle which I believe was very late. If I do ovulate and happened to do the baby dancing; I don’t think it will even successfully implant because there isn’t much time. My luteal phase gets shorter because I have ovulate late, and because of that it makes it more impossible to actually get pregnant.

I do not think too much about it, but I am just hoping that my luteal phase will be fixed sooner. Although, in this cycle where I ovulate late; I haven’t get my monthly period just yet. I am already 8 days late, but trying to hold on to avoiding the pregnancy test. It’s easier to hold it for me this time, because I have learned from my lesson; that whenever I have 1-3 delays I am immediately testing, and 4 hours later I do get my period. Yeah! That bad! So now, I don’t really care anymore, at least whatever happens next I wouldn’t end with a heart-broken. Continue reading

Trying To Conceive cycle 5 (TTC #1)

Okay I have an update for my TTC journey and it’s happening really weird, and making me so insane. If you are all aware; my husband and I weren’t together from January 10- February 8, like a month not being together because we were in different vacation. I was in the Philippines and he was in US. So from those dates we were not doing the baby dance. We started the TTC cycle 4 (ttc #1)3rd week of February after my Af.

When the time is right. I’ll get the positive ones.

Well, I got my period late of February around 10th. I was pissed because I couldn’t track my ovulation anymore because my cycle is messed up.

So I ended my period around 15th of February and so we started the baby dancing after that. Before we left from vacation on the Island of Boracay, I got sick and I couldn’t sleep because I was vomiting whole night, and also have diarrhea. (sorry for that). So everyone in my family was telling me that they may be going to expect another baby in the family; but I told them I probably just got food poisoned. I am not sure. We came to manila to spend the last 2 days with my sister and brother in-law. I was still sick, and my upper abdomen hurts. I couldn’t sit straight, and I just needed to lay in fetal position. Continue reading

Trying to Conceive Cycle 4 ( TTC #1)

Oh! Month of December was quiet a busy month. We really never tried doing baby dance so hard. It wasn’t that a big deal unlike the other first three months of trying. Maybe because I started to get used to it. I meant, seeing negative pregnancy result, and my Af showing late since we started trying. Its kind of weird but, getting used to it, make it easier to face the reality of each month failed result. It seems like forever, you know?

So I tried this prenatal vitamins for the first time. I was thinking, even if we don’t try so hard at month of December it will still be good to take it. So I bought a bottle of this vitamins. Hoping maybe it will help to be more fertile. My husband was against of using prenatal vitamins because of its side effect, that possibly shows up when I got old, but he let me use it because I insisted.

My prenatal vitamins. Fingers crossed here!

My prenatal vitamins. Fingers crossed here!

My Af shows up late again. I tried one pregnancy test and it came up negative. I think it was 3 days before my Af was due. I never really tried to take another test after that, because I predicted that it will be same like the other first three months. So I waited until my period is due, but it never shows up. It is again a day late, and I don’t even care. All I know was, I have to do my household chores because we are leaving soon; but I was hoping that if my Af will show up, it has to be early because I don’t want to travel thousands miles away, with Af. That would be so uncomfortable. Continue reading

Trying to Conceive Cycle 3 (TTC #1)

Here I am again writing about another month of unsuccessful conception. Month of November, I tried what they say “Do not think about it”. Well, for the first three weeks I really haven’t think about symptoms, pregnancy, etc. I tried to pay much attention in something else, but before the month of November ended, I can’t help myself but think whether we got lucky, and finally conceive or should I just really expect that my period is coming anytime soon.

Not thinking about it, is something really hard to do. Trust me, it’s always going to come to your mind. Specially at night.

A week before my period is due, I tried to check my Basal body temperature just for fun, and curiosity. My temperature was higher, and almost same except a day before my period. I checked my BBT again as soon as I woke up and noticed the sudden dropped in my temperature. I wasn’t sad! I was just thinking, “okay then, I guess I have to admit the fact that I am going to have AF tomorrow”. At night, before my due AF I noticed a creamy cervical mucus before going to bed. I wonder why I had that. I never had that before, I always am dry days before and on the day of AF.

My AF didn’t really come on the day it was due. So I waited another day because I remembered it happened to me before. I am one day late. So I tried to give it sometime, before I took a test. 3 days passed-by, and still haven’t got my monthly period, so I thought I would give it a try to test, because I never been late that long. On the fourth day, as soon as opened my eyes; I took home pregnancy test and came out negative. (Sigh)

Well, I guess negative won’t let me happy at least once. So, it’s over again. My husband’s prediction for month of November didn’t happen. I guess we’ll just need to try again. Maybe, I will receive a great Christmas, or Birthday gift. Well, Finger’s cross.