Life inside of me.

14 weeks ultrasound.

14 weeks ultrasound.

I’m starting to gain a little weight. My appetite is starting to go back to normal, but I am still nauseated every now and then. It’s still hard to function and there are days which are very impossible to do thing even the household chores.

My vision is finally getting better and starting to get back to normal and that is why I am able to finally write something while waiting for my husband to come home from work. I can’t stay very long though, I still have to minimize using computers, etc. or else I will be dizzy and need to go back to bed and lay there until it’s over. Imagine how boring is that as a daily routine.

Anyway, I got my second ultrasound during my 14 weeks of pregnancy;  it’s part of prenatal screening. I almost cry when I saw our baby moves a lot inside my womb. It’s truly magical. My husband’s face; oh I can’t even describe how he looks like. All I feel was joy. Although it was almost impossible to measure his/her size because he keeps moving around.

The above photo was the ultrasound photo. I just thought I shared. We still don’t know the gender. It will take a while I guess. Gonna have to wait a few more weeks. My belly is starting to show now. My clothes are getting tighter and I still not able to leave the house without bringing discomfort bag with me. So uncomfortable situation. I can’t even buy some new clothes to use. Maybe it will get even better and soon I will be able to get out of home comfortably to buy my stuff.  Fingers crossed!

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