Outfit of the day (Husband and Wife)

Okay, I have been off for many days, due to some task that needed more of my attention. So, I really haven´t focus too much attention to this “Outfit of the day”. Honestly, I am trying so hard to be better at this but unfortunately, it´s freakin´ hard.  (Giggles) So I just decided to be myself and take photo of how I dressed and not think about how people would react (if there´s any) .



Dress : Guess

Accessories : 22k Turkish Gold Necklace, Gold earings

Sandals : Calvin Klein Summer Collection

Make-up : None

Lipstick : Sephora Continue reading

Outfit of the day (Floral Dress)

Summer is here and I think, it is very ideal to wear a very lovely floral dress in a pair of floral sandals for “Outfit of the day”. Below is the photo of something I luckily saved so that I can share something to you guys.

Dress : Zara

Shoes : Bat’a

Accessories : Amanda Suarez

Make-up Brand : Dior and Sephora (Lipstick)

Very lovely living colors of this dress will make your day fabulous. The dress is made in cotton, and it’s very soft and comfortable to wear,specially in this very warm weather. We just have to feel that we can breathe freely. (Giggles) This pair of sandals are the old collection of this Czech brand Bat’a, in the year 2011. It fits really good because it has the same color and same details. I wore this dress when we went on a date with my husband. I just thought I have to share, since I just started with my Outfit of the day post.

Hope you all are enjoying my simple fashion. Sorry about the hair. Like I said,I am not into doing hair. I am too lazy to do it.

Outfit of the day

I decided to do this so-called “Outfit of the day”. I just though it’ll be nice to share some simple fashion to all of you. Just so you know? I am not that good in fashion and I do not do hair styling too, or make-up. I am not very good at those stuff. So I just hope to hear some few feedback from you readers. So I’ll share this first one.

Dress : Guess

Shoes : Janeo

Accessories : Amanda Suarez

Make-up Brand : Dior Continue reading