Evaporation Line or Positive Pregnancy Result.

The upper test was the one I used and thought was evaporated line.

The upper test was the one I used and thought was evaporated line.

So well, let’s break the news. I am pregnant!!!! and so far I am on my 17 weeks today, but since I haven’t posted here anything about it due to my severe nausea during my first trimester and even now I still get the nausea ever now and then. I am that sensitive in this pregnancy. I really thought it would disappear as soon as I pass through first trimester but here I am still fighting with it. So that is pretty much the whole reason on why I haven’t updated my page. I pretty much have my whole first trimester staying on my bed, visiting the toilet every time, due to morning sickness, and I wasn’t able to actually use any gadgets because I became so sensitive in my vision. Everything which are bright and have lights on are making me dizzy and nausea. Even the TV is not much of a use during that time. I hardly watch anything because I don’t feel very good every time I looked at it. I’d rather stay on bed and sleep/nap.

Anyway, let me share with you all the story behind the pregnancy test I did on the day of my birthday (Dec.30). I was just about to surprise myself because I was almost a week late on my period that time. I haven’t tested yet because I got scared of all the negative result I had every time I tested before. Continue reading

Trying to Conceive

It’s been a while since the last time I ever posted article regarding our TTC (Trying to conceive). We have been on and off trying, due to busy schedules. It’s exactly year of trying and we yet not succeed. It makes me worried. I have been trying ovulation prediction kit to help me know when I do ovulate. It wasn’t very long since I started using OPK test. I got positive at the 19th day of my cycle, but last month out of the blue, it jumped-up to 23 cycle which I believe was very late. If I do ovulate and happened to do the baby dancing; I don’t think it will even successfully implant because there isn’t much time. My luteal phase gets shorter because I have ovulate late, and because of that it makes it more impossible to actually get pregnant.

I do not think too much about it, but I am just hoping that my luteal phase will be fixed sooner. Although, in this cycle where I ovulate late; I haven’t get my monthly period just yet. I am already 8 days late, but trying to hold on to avoiding the pregnancy test. It’s easier to hold it for me this time, because I have learned from my lesson; that whenever I have 1-3 delays I am immediately testing, and 4 hours later I do get my period. Yeah! That bad! So now, I don’t really care anymore, at least whatever happens next I wouldn’t end with a heart-broken. Continue reading

Third (3rd) Wedding Anniversary (Late Post)

When I count of days, months, and years; I could hardly believe how fast we’ve gotten this far. Three years of our marriage, full of love, respect, understanding, and happiness. I couldn’t even remember when was the last we even argue about something (Giggling) (Perhaps 2 years ago?)

Well, like I always do; I do get this opportunity to give a message to my loving husband.

Our Anniversary Getaway!!! October 28, 2013..Much Love Honey!!!

Our Anniversary Getaway!!! October 28, 2013. Much Love Honey!!!

Continue reading

Grateful To Have a Very Supportive Husband

My husband and I during our stay in Bulgaria.

My husband and I during our stay in Bulgaria.

The last couple of months has been very harsh. I have been very stress during the whole driving lesson and that led me nowhere but being unhealthy. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat. The only thing that comes to my mind is “I’m scared, I’m worried, I’m nervous!”. Everyday, I struggled with this kind of scenario which I know for the others might seem a little bit exaggerated and over-dramatic. Well, it is what it is!

I also been having a huge meltdown every night, which worries my husband. I have been crying while watching this TV show “Parenthood”, and I don’t know the reason of why I cried. My husband doesn’t know exactly what to do and how to help me. Deep inside, I knew I am just missing my family back in the Philippines.

After the whole driving thing; after I succeeded, the only thing in my head right now is “I am too grateful that I have a very supportive and understanding husband”. I can’t imagine how will I be right now, without him by my side during this time. Maybe I am lost already, and wouldn’t be able to find my way back. I can’t think of anything else but being grateful, of everything he’s done for me. It must have been very hard for him to handle stress from work, and handle my meltdown at the same time. Continue reading

Things You Don’t Know, Won’t hurt?

The person I knew once says that “Things you don’t know better be remains hidden and unspoken, for it won’t hurt somebody”.

Maybe it is true? Well,who knows?

I don’t know what other might say, but to the fact that there are many certain issues in life; there are many differences; many happenings; many experiences, people may react differently but I know for sure. I’d like to know secrets, I want to know those that are forbidden. It’s not about by curiosity, but because in this world people like me want honest people around. I’d like to know if people around is to be trusted or not. Even if it will hurt me, I won’t care. Just as long as I know that I am not being fooled around and hold the neck and being twisted every single minute of my life. Continue reading

Clumsy Husband Needs A Spank

My husband is being clumsy for almost a month straight now. Whenever he tries to hit something, or hit himself by something, I always need to spank him. I don’t know, but I felt like I needed to do it so he won’t be clumsy for the next time. My husband says “Other people are being good to someone who’s clumsy. Why are you doing the opposite on me?” He was saying that, with drama effects. (Giggling) Maybe he wanted to be an actor someday!

Well, I won’t tolerate it. Imagine, he was just about to sit down on his chair in front of the computer and he even hurt himself by smashing his toe onto the chair’s feet, or whatever they called it. Really? It happened a lot of times. I can’t control myself but spank him on his butt, and then we will both laugh after that. There was this incident, wherein he was going to get off the chair (Different chair. In the living room) and bump his foot on the living room table. Can you imagine that? Sometimes, I am thinking he is doing it in purpose to get my attention. (Giggling)

His kiddo heart and mind sometimes led him to clumsiness too. (lol)

His kiddo heart and mind sometimes led him to clumsiness too. (lol)

Last time we visited my mother in-law he even told her how bad I was when he is clumsy at home. That I never wanted him to hurt himself or if he does; I am spanking him (Giggling). It sounded good for my mother in-law, not just good but sweet. It means “I care”.

Of course I care! I never wanted him to hurt himself. I meant, that often? Aside from being shock from the sounds of smashing, and bumping; it doesn’t feel right at all. I felt like about to have hearth attack, when he does that. I know, it wasn’t intended  but it worries me. You know? I want him to be more careful.

Sometimes, clumsy husband needs to be punished too. Not so much that it would hurt him, but spank which is sweet but he will remember. (Giggling)

Oh well, I love my husband. ♥♥♥

Happy International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is marked on March 8 every year to show respect, appreciation and love towards women. It is yet then a simple occasion for men to express their love to women; In some way, you’ll find it more like a mixture of celebrating Mother’s Day, and Valentines Day.

In some countries, International Women’s Day means celebration but for the other; Women simply call a day for protesting and speak-out some certain issues they want to be resolved in general.

International Women’s Day remains unknown to me and so on how to properly celebrate it. Yet today, I was alone until 5 in the afternoon. So I decided to give myself a relaxing bathe. I was surprised when my husband opened the bathroom door and hand me the flowers and kissed me. It was great! I am so thankful.

Flowers personally handed to me by my husband. Happy International Women's Day!

Flowers personally handed to me by my husband. Happy International Women’s Day!

Yes, I am “Woman”, and so do you. You deserve respect, love, and appreciation. Have a Happy International Women’s Day! 


2nd year Wedding Anniversary

It’s our second year wedding anniversary yesterday (October 28, 2012). I haven’t got any gift for him, because it was quite hard for me to escape without being noticed the past few days. He never leave our home, because he wasn’t going to our office. So it was really harsh to just even try to get out of his sight. Anyhow, I just wanted to leave a message, he is probably going to check it somehow. (Giggling)

Má Lásko,

We passed another year again and of course I really am looking forward for even more years to come. We both know, we did great for another one year. We grew,evolved, and learned things from each other. I don’t even remember us fighting the whole year;can you believed that not even a simple argument? (Giggling) Well, it’s a good thing.

Anyway, I just wanted to greet you a very Happy Happy Second Year Wedding Anniversary!!! I am very grateful being with you every single day of my life. You’ve been very kind, loving, caring and understanding husband to me. You give me all the love I needed; you never make me disappointed. You always consider my opinion in every decision-making you made. You are such a wonderful person, and I do love you so much.

I love you so much Honey. I am so happy; you have no idea. (Giggling) It’s a great time, you know. Our Anniversary then, snow outside our home. It’s like our wedding day; while raining, but this time it’s the snow. (I guess still a blessing). Anyway, I do really hope you were surprised with a note I attached to your computer mouse. (I tried to get some time to do it last night before we got on to the bed). I love you… ♥♥♥

Loving Wifey


I am his wife!

How is it to be his wife? Is it easy or not? Are there things you learned since then? Have anyone ask you that question? Honestly, I have received enough question like that. Mostly, the question are from people I know; some are friends; and some are those people who are just asking by curiosity. But have I ever tried to answer any of this question? Well, yeah! Many times, but I haven’t seriously give any facts to prove the answer I have given to those people who asked.

So here is the answer;

How is it to be his wife. Honestly, I can proudly say to everyone who’ll ask me again that; being his wife is something that I am proud of, and thankful  the most. My husband is someone who actually plan and thinks about the future; so being his wife I must say my life is mostly easy than I ever expected. Although, not always, but mostly yeah. There are also times, that I felt like in middle of no-where and looking for my husband to save once again. Those days, happened mostly when his mind was stuck into resolving problems at work, or problems that he needs to resolve or else he will gone insane. It is a quite difficult from time to time, specially when I wanted him to speak to me, but even though he is around; his mind isn’t. Those are times that I got to say, harsh! Times, that I felt like being selfish. (Giggles) That is how I called it. I know, a bit strange; but it is how it is. Continue reading

The remaining weeks

We are moving on and fast approaching to the day wherein; we are putting our plan into action. I, myself is currently feels the rhythm of my heart, and being excited a little bit. Although, I told myself to not put everything into my nerves, because it might do some problem to what we are planning to do. A couple of weeks ago, my task is to observed my husband. I tried to watch every single reaction, and every actions he is making. I must say, “He is quite ready.” I don’t feel the doubt, not unless he is hiding it from me. (Giggling) 

Any idea of what am I implying to?

Any idea of what am I implying to?

We started to even more put sometime into exercising so that we will be able to be healthy, and we won’t get sick. He is encouraging me to take my vitamins regularly, eat more nutritious food, and remind me of exercising; whenever I forgot to do so. Well, I guess one irresponsible individual in our relationship is quite enough. It is better that someone is actually acting responsible, and fixing things up. (Just kidding) I am trying to minimize eating sweets too, because I read that some woman are experiencing really bad during that period, and risk is quite huge. So I think, it better to start doing it right now, than to wait, when I am in the actual situation. Continue reading