Weekly Stage Symptoms in Pregnancy

17 weeks of pregnancy.

17 weeks of pregnancy.

I just thought I share some of the symptoms that is coming to me every week of my pregnancy. I would like to start during 7th weeks because that’s when I finally got my nausea and that’s when it’s actually started

Week 7: Nausea started, feeling sick whole day, sneezing. I needed to get my own bucket to make it more comfortable to puke. Whole day in bed due to dizziness.

Week 8: Nausea, sneezing, vision problem (blurry), sensitivity to lights, excessive saliva. Puke around whole day as well.

Week 9: Nausea started to get a little better. My vision is worst and worst. I have no appetite, and actually losing weight rapidly.

Week 10: Nausea came back. It get worst and I had to puke every after meal. One of the worst week in my pregnancy.

Week 11: Excessive saliva, nausea, dizziness, vision problem. I wasn’t able to do anything until this week. I do not have very much of discharge like any other pregnant. I have some but not too much.

Week 12: Nausea, excessive saliva, cramps, nasal congestion, nose bleeding. I told myself after this week, everything will get better.

Week 13: Horrible nausea, excessive saliva, nasal congestion (hard to breathe). I also experience to puke every after shower this time.

Week 14: Slightly better. Nausea is not very severe. Had my prenatal screening (ultrasound). I have less saliva this week so I don’t feel so gross about myself.

Week 15: Bleeding gums, bleeding nose, nasal congestion, slightly nausea. Starting to pop up some pimples at my back and face. Not that horrible but still annoying. I also started to have a “dead arm feeling” on my left arm. It’s annoying because it always happened during night when I am about to sleep and because of that I don’t really get a goodnight sleep. I have to wake up every few minutes because it doesn’t feel good at all. I felt like crying every time it happened.

Week 16: Nausea, dead arm feeling every night. My vision is better, I have no blurry vision anymore and I can live with a little bit of lights on now, although still minimize. Dead arm feeling is still worst than ever. I also have excessive saliva and more pimples on the face.

Week 17: I am now week 17 and so far I am feeling better. I can function a bit, like doing household chores. I still have excessive saliva, and a little nausea in the morning and in the evening. I do good in the middle of the day, just like now that I am writing this article. (Giggles)

So far, I do get the dead arm feeling mostly every other two nights. It’s not every night now which is way better so I could get a good night sleep. Last night was worst because it happened again (dead arm feeling) I couldn’t sleep so in the morning I have nausea and puke as early as I opened my eyes.

I am hoping that it will go away soon. Dead arm feeling is one of the worst symptoms of weekly stage in pregnancy. Not every women are experiencing that but unfortunately I do.

So far that’s all I can pretty much share for now. My first 6 weeks of pregnancy was okay. I didn’t feel anything not until week 7 that is why I started at that week. It was just out of the blue when the symptoms happened. I was actually a bit surprised and wasn’t ready for that (who does?)

Feel free to write down yours. I do love to keep track on my weekly stage symptoms, to have something to compare next time. It will help I guess.

Have a wonderful day!


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