Weekly Stage Symptoms in Pregnancy

17 weeks of pregnancy.

17 weeks of pregnancy.

I just thought I share some of the symptoms that is coming to me every week of my pregnancy. I would like to start during 7th weeks because that’s when I finally got my nausea and that’s when it’s actually started

Week 7: Nausea started, feeling sick whole day, sneezing. I needed to get my own bucket to make it more comfortable to puke. Whole day in bed due to dizziness.

Week 8: Nausea, sneezing, vision problem (blurry), sensitivity to lights, excessive saliva. Puke around whole day as well.

Week 9: Nausea started to get a little better. My vision is worst and worst. I have no appetite, and actually losing weight rapidly.

Week 10: Nausea came back. It get worst and I had to puke every after meal. One of the worst week in my pregnancy.

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Evaporation Line or Positive Pregnancy Result.

The upper test was the one I used and thought was evaporated line.

The upper test was the one I used and thought was evaporated line.

So well, let’s break the news. I am pregnant!!!! and so far I am on my 17 weeks today, but since I haven’t posted here anything about it due to my severe nausea during my first trimester and even now I still get the nausea ever now and then. I am that sensitive in this pregnancy. I really thought it would disappear as soon as I pass through first trimester but here I am still fighting with it. So that is pretty much the whole reason on why I haven’t updated my page. I pretty much have my whole first trimester staying on my bed, visiting the toilet every time, due to morning sickness, and I wasn’t able to actually use any gadgets because I became so sensitive in my vision. Everything which are bright and have lights on are making me dizzy and nausea. Even the TV is not much of a use during that time. I hardly watch anything because I don’t feel very good every time I looked at it. I’d rather stay on bed and sleep/nap.

Anyway, let me share with you all the story behind the pregnancy test I did on the day of my birthday (Dec.30). I was just about to surprise myself because I was almost a week late on my period that time. I haven’t tested yet because I got scared of all the negative result I had every time I tested before. Continue reading