About Me!!!

I’m 24 years old Filipina who is currently residing in Czech Republic. Happily married to a very wonderful Czech guy.
We haven’t bless of a child yet, but hopefully very soon.

I do love to write and find it fascinating. It is my way to express  thoughts, opinions, share my knowledge and experiences in life. Aside from passion in writing; I enjoy and love fashion too. I enjoy collecting branded clothes, bags, shoes, and many more. I believe that writing is not the only way of expressing myself; fashion does that too!!!


What do I blog?

This page consists of random topics/articles including “Experiences in life, Relationship, Expat Life,Tips, Studying Language.”
You may or may not find it all interesting but I’m pretty sure you’ll find some article here that is worth reading.

What else?

This page is accepting real story that you would like to share with people, preferably long-distance relationship,
story of online-dating; and story that would give other people a good encouragement.

Do I accept advertisement?

Yes, I do! To those who wanted to get some space of my blog to advertise your products, sites, etc. Kindly contact!
( maryannvrbova@gmail.com )




40 comments on “About Me!!!

  1. A beautiful blog. and i am proud to tell that your blog is beautiful because of the wonderful life you and your husband share. A lovely relation, truly pure intentions for one another. Thanks for the blog. Im new here, i wanted to look at few blogs before i started and yours was the first and i am glad it was because it would help me start better. Have a gud life.

    • The magic is that, you should know what you’re topic is all about. I really enjoy doing it. I was also scared when I started, few days back. I am worried that nobody will like it,,, but then I am just enjoying what am writing,and that’s most important… So best of luck to your blog. Enjoy what you are writing.. 🙂 I will follow..

  2. Hello Anicka,

    I am Erika from TravelerVoice, a new social network for travel bloggers.

    I just found your blog and I really like how you described your travel story in Czech Republic with and assertive comments! It’s exactly the kind of writing we are looking for our Living abroad section, please feel free to register 🙂

    In the meantime I am running a contest to reward the most outstanding travel blogs on the web and I am still looking for new members 🙂 so please check it out at http://www.travelervoice.com/contest.aspx for further details.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you 🙂


  3. Mhean,

    Congratulation’s for being such a good writer…..I’m proud to be you’re former teacher in Filipino,hehehe….Stay foot on the ground “anak”!!!………I LOVE YOU!!!

  4. Hi there. I think you’re on the right track. If you enjoy what you’re doing, people will enjoy it as well. It’s awesome that you are tackling this project in English. That seems like a great way to get practice.

    • Hi there. Yes, I am trying so hard to be able to write better in English, though sometimes errors can’t be avoided. I am often crossing my fingers so people will like my page, and follow the journey with me. 🙂 Good luck to our journey.

  5. Hi Anicka! If you can spell pursue correctly you are doing fairly well with English. I always get that one wrong. I found your blog from a comment on some site about how to make your blog popular. I don’t know why people want to be popular, but they do. If you are living in the Czech Republic now I guess you know you are in the home of pilsner beer. I had a Pilsner Urquel once from there, some years ago and it tasted just like a Budweiser but cost three times as much. Anyway my point is, there is something good about every place on earth, no matter where you find yourself. English might be your second language, but you make yourself understood, which is good enough. Write about what you like and write about your life. I started blogging in about 2004 after some girl I know showed me her blog. Now I write every day as a hobby but hope to turn it into some kind of gushing font of American dollars. Not that I’m greedy, it’s just that fast cars and tropical islands cost money. I am a bit incoherent and rambling this evening, and I thought I’d leave you some words on your about page, as I just this evening found out how to place an about page on my own blog. Take care and if you ask me, you should get a nice little zippy car like a Ford Fiesta and quit being a slave to some lousy taxi driver. Honestly, one night I was in a taxi coming home from Detroit and the driver just swerved for no reason on the freeway and almost crashed into the barrier. Take responsibility for your own life and be happy. 🙂

    • Hi Bill,
      First, thank you for stopping by. 🙂 Reason why I put in my “About me”page regarding about my second language was because of one comment which everyone found it really rude. She told me how bad was my english and everything, etc. She said I do have bad grammaratical error, though I checked everything before I published my article, and everything were perfectly right. I don’t know she probably don’t get my point ( well, she’s the only one who doesn’t get my point ) some commenter said that I write well, I expressed myself the way it should be and some don’t find any error. From then, I really tried hard and put it to my page. Letting everyone know that english is my second language. Perhaps, other people might be insecure in any means. What is important for me is that I do love what I am doing and my viewers continued to support that moment.

      About Czech Republic, well beers are popular and cheaper than coffee. 😀 Too bad, I am not drinking any alcohol, but instead I do love coffee so I pay a little more expensive ones. 🙂

      Thank you for your concern too. 🙂 Well, I do have a plan like you to make money from blog and I hope it will work someday soon. 😀 Take care and have a nice day… 😀


    • Thank you for stopping by Layinka.. 😀 Yes, it is. Czech Republic is beautiful country with polite people. At least I never meet bad ones yet. 😀 Good luck to you too 🙂
      Have a successful blogging to us.. Enjoy writing. 🙂

  6. Hey cool! Another expat in the Czech Republic. I’ve been here just under 4 months (from Canada), living in the outskirts of Prauge. I look forward to reading more of your stories! ~ Russell

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  8. Hi,
    my name is Simona and I am with the web research team at InterNations.org. We are the world’s leading social network for expatriates, with currently 500.000+ members in more than 322 cities worldwide.
    I really enjoyed reading your fantastic blog and believe that expats in Czech Republic and around the world would not only – appreciate the entertaining content, but also benefit from the insights and perspectives you offer. Your blog really is a captivating read! This is why I would like to feature you and your writing in a designated section of InterNations.org , the Recommended Blog on Czech Republic. We have designed a link badge for placement on your blog and would be glad to hear from you directly via our questionnaire!
    I hope my proposal has piqued your interest. If so, please feel free to contact me via email: featuredblogs@internations.org


  9. Hello Anicka! Fellow Filipino here! 😀 I hope you are having the time of your life with your man there in Czech Republic. Looking forward to your new posts! 🙂

  10. nice article Anicka;) Which area in Prague do u live? Im also here in Praha4 for a few monts vacation and currently reisidng at my boyfriends flat 😉 (sorry for not using apostrophes I still cant understand how to use the Czech keyboard properly lol 😉


    • Hello @Myle
      I am not residing in Prague but in Jihlava. It’s a small city between Brno and Prague. About hour and half drive by car from Prague and an hour from Brno. 🙂 It’s alright you’ll get use to that keyboard. Anyway, if it will help. You can actually use English keyboard using the Czech keyboard. Just press ALT and Shift. First is the Alt then follow immediately the shift. And you can use the English keyboard. 😀
      Hope it helps.. Have a nice stay in Prague, and all other cities in Czech Republic.

      Best Regards,

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