My Driving Lesson in the Czech Republic

I’ve been off here in blog world for like a month (I guess). I miss writing, but I do not know how and where would I start? (Sigh) Anyway, obtaining driver’s license is one among others in my list for my 2013 new years resolution.

So here is the story:

My driving school application, including the book and cd.

My driving school application, including the book and cd.

My husband and I went to driving school together. At the beginning it was fun because we were learning together and we considered it activity for both of us. We learned together all about theoretical stuff at home, and we started with driving using the computer thing at the driving school. All of that was fun and exciting., but,,,

Okay, but? All were totally good, except during our actual driving on the road and traffic. During our first day for actual driving; I was expecting that we were to drive at the parking lot for the first time; but unfortunately I was 100% wrong.

Our instructor took us directly on the road. We did not drive slow (never). We drove totally like a professional driver, and not someone who were just learning for the first time. Can you imagine? I first drove outside the city at maximum speed of 80-90 km/hr. (Sigh) It was a total disaster for me. I don’t feel very good because I wanted to drive slower for the first time until I get comfortable, but the instructor doesn’t want me to do how I want it. Continue reading

How Easter Is Celebrated Around The World (Late Post)

Easter is a holiday that immediately brings many different images to mind for different people. This holiday, which most people associate with Christianity, may have its roots in even older celebrations of the spring season. Even among Christians who celebrate it as the feast of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, there is definite joy in the celebrants for the turning of the seasons back to warmth and more sunlight.

 A Global Religion

 At heart, Easter is about the resurrection of Jesus, who is at the center of the Christian religion. This event would have occurred two thousand years ago in Israel. However, Christianity spread, slowly at first, until it was found in every corner of the globe. As it spread, it took on the customs of different people and environs. That is why the global celebrations of this religion and this particular feast are so different yet retain a common theme: death and renewal.

 How Easter Is Celebrated Around the World

• Rome

 Rome is an excellent place to begin because it is home to the spiritual capital of the largest Christian denomination: Roman Catholicism. In particular, the Vatican is located in Rome and it is the residence of the Pope, who is the chief bishop of Roman Catholics.

 As with some other denominations, Catholicism precedes the day of Easter with weeks of preparation. The last week before this day is known as Holy Week. This entire week in Rome and around the Vatican is punctuated with various religious rites. On Holy Thursday, the Pope publicly washes the feet of twelve people chosen from a variety of backgrounds. On Good Friday, the Pope and many other worshippers retrace the last steps of Jesus as they follow the 14 Stations of the Cross from the Colosseum to Monte Palatino.

The Easter celebration actually begins on Saturday night, when Catholics and many other Christians recognize that their God would have risen from the tomb, descended to rescue souls from Hell and then ascended again to rise from the dead and exit the tomb. Open-air Papal Masses, the religious rite of Catholics, are repeated with tens of thousands of worshippers in St. Peter’s Square. Continue reading

Fly Fish

Back injury, blurred vission and walking like an eighty years old south african diamond miner… thats my imagination when it comes to the activity called „Fly fish“. It was a good adrenaline experience, but next time i think i will skip this one. See for yourself on this video and think twice about trying this insane activity.

Fly Fish

Fly Fish

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