Weekly Stage Symptoms in Pregnancy

17 weeks of pregnancy.

17 weeks of pregnancy.

I just thought I share some of the symptoms that is coming to me every week of my pregnancy. I would like to start during 7th weeks because that’s when I finally got my nausea and that’s when it’s actually started

Week 7: Nausea started, feeling sick whole day, sneezing. I needed to get my own bucket to make it more comfortable to puke. Whole day in bed due to dizziness.

Week 8: Nausea, sneezing, vision problem (blurry), sensitivity to lights, excessive saliva. Puke around whole day as well.

Week 9: Nausea started to get a little better. My vision is worst and worst. I have no appetite, and actually losing weight rapidly.

Week 10: Nausea came back. It get worst and I had to puke every after meal. One of the worst week in my pregnancy.

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Four Hours For Curtains

Our dining area.

Our dining area.

It’s been two years that my husband and I live here in our very own flat. I must say that, there are many things which are still missing to make it look great. Two weeks ago we went to shop and look for curtains so that we can finally have something to decorate the windows.

I didn’t realize how hard and how much time it would actually take to just decide of what kind of curtains is best.

I know! If I’d be the one to choose, I’ll be just picking something I like and easy to hang. But well, there are things which are important to consider like;

*Quality: Whether it is hard to maintain or not. If it’s not so sensitive and leave marks when folded. Or if it’s going to be removed just from ironing. Ha! Continue reading

Why Does “Help”Always Come With The Word “Politics”.

Neighbors who helped packing the goods.

Neighbors who helped packing the goods.

My family here in Czech republic and other concern friends and relatives have shared amount of money in order to provide relief goods to distribute to other victims of typhoon Yolanda. Through my family back in the Philippines; we managed to bought, packed and distributed the relief goods to hundreds of family in our area. Our area wasn’t affected like in Tacloban or Leyte, but we also experienced a terrible lost of crops and properties. Some place were also flooded. It’s doesn’t have to be always the reason is “death” in order to received help from anyone. Anyway, since  more help from other countries and other concern citizens went to most affected area like Tacloban, Leyte, etc; my family in both side has decided to give it to our area where my family lives. Continue reading

Our First Car

After obtaining our license, it took us a while to purchase our first car. After a few weeks of waiting, we finally picked-up our car, and drove it home to our garage; which has been empty for couple of years. The day we brought it home, family members of my husband got their chance on riding in it. (of course my husband is driving, because they are kinda scared to drive fast car)

Ford Mustang 3.7 2011V6. (Photo credit to the shop)

Ford Mustang 3.7 2011V6. (Photo credit to the shop)

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Sam is Bigger and Smarter!!!

We picked up Sam when he was only 8 weeks old. He was just so little, and out of the surgery somewhere around his tummy. He doesn’t know many things. He was young and the only thing he knew what to do is to sleep, and do stuff on the floor. That includes, everything.

Now, Sam is staying with us for almost 3 months now. (Been a while) The first month is the tricky part; where he actually pee and poo wherever he wanted. He ate dog foods we are giving to him without problem. Maybe that is why he grew so fast. During the first month of his stay with us; I taught him how to use his potty pad; and he learns very fast; but I can’t really say he perfectly get it. What I wanted to say is that; he still do his thing on the floor when he was not supervised (mostly at night). Which means; I have cleaning to do in the morning, like daily habit.

Like I said; all have gotten tricky during the first month. I really thought I was going to give up on him, but it got better. Now? He is using his potty pad regularly. Day or night, supervised or not. I am happy when I see him running to his potty pad to do his thing. I no longer clean the floor non-stop. Or I no longer worry. I don’t have to follow him whenever he leaves my sight. I know that he is using his potty pad, and I am happy and proud because if I didn’t pay much attention on teaching him; I don’t think he’ll ever learn to do it. So yeah! I am proud!!! (Giggles)

Our Sam (3 months old of age in this photo)

Our Sam (3 months old of age in this photo)

I also taught him some tricks during his first month with us. He learns quickly than I thought. Unfortunately, the video is not very good quality so I just leave it for next time.  Continue reading

New Member Of Our Family

Meet Sam.

Meet Sam.

When my husband and I went to vacation in the Philippines last February, we discussed of getting a puppy as soon as we get back here in Czech. But it took a little longer than we expected. We have to be decided completely if it will be a great idea to have puppy since we live in our own apartment. We have to decide also what kind of puppy would be best to live with us, and these are just some reason on why we took longer to get one.

So last month (May 2013) we decided to finally look over the internet. I wanted a Shih Tzu even before, so my husband is okay with that. Shih tzu is small and very cute, and I know it will pretty much be alright inside our apartment. So we saw one for first which is pure white in color and it’s somewhere in Prague. I really liked it when I saw all the images attached in the advertisement, but unfortunately when we wrote email to the owner; she didn’t respond. The next day I looked at the advertisement again and its gone. So we believed that it has been sold before I even sent that email. I was sad, but we looked again.  Continue reading

Trying To Conceive Cycle 8 (TTC # 1)

Well another month has passed. TTC Cycle number 8 is another failure. Like always! My Af shows up 3 days earlier with a day of pink spotting in the beginning. So I have decided that maybe my husband and I should try this ConceivePlus Lubricant and Ovulation Prediction Test for the cycle 9 of TTC.

So far, I only tried 5 sticks of OPK. I used them in the middle of my cycle. I’d like to show you the photos below. Continue reading


Forever is a very long journey to take. Journey wherein you are about to face almost every kind of emotions and experiences in life. A journey which is a way better if you are not alone to face it. Forever, is a very complicated word attached by the word “Trust”. The combination of two are way powerful than you think.

Everyone is dreaming and wishing of a good life, a good path ahead of them that will stay forever ’till death maybe. So do I. But I only wish for something simple. To have good life; Good and complete family on my own; A husband that will love me, care for me, and will be there forever without hurting me; Families, relatives, friends that will understand and will be there whenever I fall. These are very simple wish, but I am not sure whose gonna stay with me in my Forever Journey.

Every day is a challenge and like any other normal people; I have that too. I cry, I laugh like a normal person. I opted to take every single step of the way with people/person I thought are/is gonna be there forever. Nowadays, I am not so sure anymore. I felt like I had a lot to take. I have a lot to settle inside me. I am scared that at the end of the day; I am going to be all alone, by myself figuring out why my journey has to turn out different. I am afraid that all of them are just gonna turn their back against me, or maybe even stub me from the back, without me knowing that it’s coming no matter how I try to avoid it to happen. I am not so powerful to stop things from happening. But I am trying to be a good person so that people around me will stay loyal, faithful, and wroth the trust. But maybe, I have gone different path. A path full of problems, and I couldn’t turn back, because I don’t want to. My heart says, “Never turn back”.  Continue reading

I’m Not Good Enough!!!

Many people got lucky ever since year 2013 hit the clock. But unlike many others, I didn’t get lucky. My agonies started ever since we came back from vacation to my country. I just couldn’t escape and couldn’t find a way out. Issues with family, life, and many others started to show up, in just a snap. I never thought it will go this far. I thought it will pass, but no it doesn’t.

There are many issues. Issues I couldn’t even discuss.  What happened are like pieces of puzzle that are meant to figure where to put them. But I don’t know, if they are connected to each other. If they are going to fit. How?

I don’t really know what’s happening. Sometimes, I’d like to just think that, maybe there are reasons of why all these are happening to me. All I do is to be a good person. I never harm any other people, but sometimes maybe even if I don’t deserve this kind of sadness; maybe it is meant to happen to me. Continue reading