Third (3rd) Wedding Anniversary (Late Post)

When I count of days, months, and years; I could hardly believe how fast we’ve gotten this far. Three years of our marriage, full of love, respect, understanding, and happiness. I couldn’t even remember when was the last we even argue about something (Giggling) (Perhaps 2 years ago?)

Well, like I always do; I do get this opportunity to give a message to my loving husband.

Our Anniversary Getaway!!! October 28, 2013..Much Love Honey!!!

Our Anniversary Getaway!!! October 28, 2013. Much Love Honey!!!


Here we are again, at this very special day of the month (probably enjoying cuddling each other). We are now far from a newly wedded couple. We are getting older too. (Giggles) Just kidding!

I know, this year has been rough for both of us. Too many problems that comes and goes. We managed to settle things out, without problem. This year is very different with compare to the previous ones. We both know, there are many more to expect; and we both know we are gonna make it through.

You have the most amazing heart. You always think of what’s the best for us. I have no more words to describe you as a very good loving husband. I think I have already said everything I could, during our 1st-2nd wedding anniversary and now look what you did? I have nothing left to say. You are great, and you’re awesome. (Giggles) Anyway, I know I have been telling you this many times how proud I am to you for obtaining your license. You finally able to drive me wherever  I or we want. Maybe one of the reason I came into your life is to push you over into getting a license. (Giggling) Just kidding! (But hey, maybe yeah?)

I love you so much, and always will. Spending time with you is always the best moment. Although, I know that lately you have been enjoying to spend more time with our new car. I got to say this ‚I’m starting to be jealous. (Sigh) But hey, what should I say, you love the car as much as you love me and Sam (dog). My point is, always be careful and take good care of yourself whether I am around or not. Remember, I love you so much. Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary!!! May we always be happy, and faithful to each other.

Love an kisses,


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