Anniversary Getaway in České Švycarsko

Unlike any other previous celebrations my husband and I had for our wedding anniversary; this time we went elsewhere. Since we finally have our own car, it is now easy to travel and we kind of have freedom without thinking whether it is a good idea to go somewhere without being in a hurry all the time.

27th of October, a day before our anniversary; when my husband and I left home. We decided to spend our anniversary outside the city, this place called “České Švýcarsko” . It is I think more or less than 250 km away from our city. It’s far but worth it!

The place is very good. The lovely nature is just great. I was amazed by its beauty. It is very peaceful, and the tress, rocks; etc. are just fantastic.

Away from the noisy and populated city; it is way better for relaxing. I am happy that I choose to spend our anniversary right at that very spot.

We actually arrived around 4 in the afternoon at cottage where we choose to stay for a couple of days. So, it was quite dark and it’s not possible to go some place to see and follow the trails, so we decided to just plan our trip that evening for the next day.  First thing in the morning, we woke up early had breakfast and started our early morning adventure. We decided to follow the red trails that will lead us to this “Pravčická Brána”, it is a natural sandstone arch or other says natural stone bridge. Anyway, they said that Pravčická Brána is the largest natural sandstone arch in Europe. Several films were actually filmed at that very spot.

So ‘d like to share the pictures I took on the way to Pravčická Brána, hope you’ll enjoy. Check out the following pictures below. Enjoy!

October 28, 2013 Our Third Wedding Anniversary.

October 28, 2013 Our Third Wedding Anniversary.

This is just one spot you’ll find on the way. Our trail started at U Fořta Penzion (Mezna), where we checked-in. I love the wooden stairs, plus the beautiful colors of leaves that fell onto the ground. Beautiful isn’t? Continue reading

Visit to Bulgaria

Some of you probably think if its possible to visit Bulgaria using your Schengen residency permit without any need to apply for special visa. The answer is “Yes”. Two weeks ago, while we were still planning our trip to Bulgaria; I can’t help myself but search over the internet if I wouldn’t need one, I found some says “Its possible, some says Not”.  My husband says, I don’t have to because I am a family member of European Union citizen. Bulgaria is not Schengen area and that is why I was worried that Czech Residency Permit that I am holding currently wouldn’t be enough.

We decided to go on the 2nd of August. I don’t have anything but my passport and Czech residency permit with me. I said to myself “Oh what the hell! If they won’t let me enter from the Bulgarian immigration check then, No!

Luckily, after a very long checking they did to my passport and residency permit; they finally put stump in it without question. So yes, you can enter Bulgaria using your Schengen residency permit.

Okay enough for few information. I’d like to share few experiences from our visit to Bulgaria.

Our hotel is 30 minutes away from the airport . It is called “Majestic Hotel”. For what I saw, Majestic Hotel is the best hotel resort in Sunny Beach Bulgaria. It has a very huge pools, and a large enough pool for children. The area is very neat, and wide. I saw the other Hotels along Sunny Beach and I can say Majestic is the best hotel. That is just my opinion.

This is the view from our apartment balcony; where we stay for 4 nights.

This is the view from our apartment balcony; where we stay for 4 nights.

That is how big the Majestic Hotel pools in both side, and a children pool next to one of them. The area is most probably the biggest among other hotels. Continue reading

A Big Fat Surprise!!! Part 3

Surprise number three (3) is all about shopping and going to short trip to Karlštejn Castle. Shopping? Well, I do have a budget for myself, but my husband insists on paying for all things we bought. It was a surprised because he seems to enjoy our shopping together and I think that is the most important factor. Doing something together willingly, and enjoying every precious moment, even to the point of spending money.

Although, I am starting to think that my husband is becoming a shopaholic like me. (Giggles) He is trying to level up with my shoe collections. Which I believe is really cute. Collecting shoes together.

Just few things among others.

Just few things among others.

So much about shopping. So let’s talk about our trip to Karlštejn Castle, which was fun but unfortunately; we haven´t get a chance to take any good quality photos because the lens we brought was accidentally for portrait and whenever we wanted to take photo it´s just too close so we couldn´t really capture very nice photo. (I know.. stupid of us)

So forgive us for just very few photos I´ll be able to post. Continue reading

A Big Fat Surprise!!! Part 2

Aside from a surprised Limousine ride from the city of Jihlava to Prague; my husband booked Marriott Hotel Prague (Five stars hotel) which is not really a one big  surprise because he is always booking good hotels during short trips and long vacation. What makes it really special for me was; he always give me the best and most comfortable place to stay; and I think that is sweet.

When we checked-in at the hotel; we went to restaurant to eat something, because my husband was starving and me? I just needed some energy for walking.

Hovězí Gulášová polévka

Hovězí Gulášová polévka

This is one of my favorite traditional Czech soup. I love it!!! You should try this. It is called  Beef Goulas Soup or Goulash Soup in Czech Gulášová Polévka. But of course, not everyone can make good Guláš soup so I suggest this place Plzeňská Restaurace ( Obecním Domě ). If you would visit this shopping mall called Palladium, you would see from the outside. It is some kind of Theater or Concert Hall. You will find the restaurant downstairs. It is huge and staffs are really friendly. The foods are just awesome!!! Continue reading

A Big Fat Surprise!!! Part 1

Is everyone know here that I married a man full of big surprises? Well, yeah!!! I am realizing it even more each day. Sometimes,I am wondering, what I did good, and he keeps surprising me; sometimes I even doubt myself, and thinking if I even deserve all of it.

So here’s the story:

Last weekend, we planned a three days trip to Prague. Well, my husband was actually the one who decided that. It’s because, he has been very busy working with too many projects, and he hasn’t been spending that much time with me. So he decided to bring me to a very relaxing weekend trip. Just us!

Friday at noon, we headed to lunch at this restaurant called Buena Vista. A mexican restaurant here in Jihlava. We took a taxi on the way to the restaurant with our luggage. I was asking my husband, who is going to drive us to Prague from the restaurant. (I just have to worry about many things) He says, he doesn’t know. He will call taxi, that is what he said. So I stopped asking. I was just hoping that taxi company will send a better car, because I don’t want to puke on the way. (Yeah, I got sick from car sometimes)

While we were waiting for the food, my husband kept on using his phone. I asked to who he is typing? He says, he is checking work. So of course I believed him and also because I am used to see him checking work over the phone everywhere we go. (I didn’t know he has hidden agenda that time.)

After lunch, we headed outside and planning to wait for taxi. When we are along the road, I saw a black “LIMO, LIMOUSINE”.   Continue reading

Short Visit In Rome

The Colosseum

The Colosseum

Rome is a city and most popular tourist destination in Italy, and ranking as Europe’s 3rd of the most visited city in European union, and has plenty of historical place to offer; like monuments and museums.

On the 3rd of May this year, my husband and I went to visit Rome for the first time. As soon as we arrived, I saw awesome old architecture of the walls that serve as the passage for the vehicles. It pretty awesome and I got more and more excited. Buildings are also mostly old, and I can imagine history in every blocks. It’s just amazing!!!

The first day, we went to visit Spanish Steps, which unfortunately I only get a chance to take photo through my mobile phone.

Spanish Steps or so-called Scalinata della Trinita dei Monti in Italian has a monumental stairways of 135 and at the top of it is the Trinita dei Monti church. Scalinata (Spanish Steps) is the most widest staircase in Europe.

In front of the Spanish Steps is a beautiful fountain where most people go sit around the area. And just right in front of it is the Spanish steps with obviously has stairways that is way too many, and you can also see small but beautiful flower garden right into the middle. It is very beautiful no wonder why many people used to sit and occupied all the areas that supposed to be for walking. It’s beautiful view from the top. Along the streets are local and international shops/brands that you’ll most probably enjoy (if you love shopping). And if you do love eating and trying their delicate then you don’t have to go far from Spanish Steps and shops; the restaurants are just behind the boutiques/shops. They are usually in every small streets. The foods are great and it is very nice to sit outside to feel the scenery, except that the cars are also passing through small streets so just so you know.

The only thing I do not like about the place is that those flower vendors who used to trick couples. They will offer you roses, and they just keep forcing everyone to take it from them. Continue reading

Paris,France 2012

Paris, France

Paris, France

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Paris is the capital and largest city of France. Last September 21 of this year 2012, we finally made it there. The weather wasn’t so friendly as we landed to the Paris airport (Terminal 3). It started to rain, with horrible wind. It was so bad! We waited for taxi to take us to the Hotel. Well I must say, Taxi driver doesn’t know much how to speak English. So we decided to just have nearly an hour of silence in the car. The driver says, bad weather just started by the time we landed. Such a luck!

The traffic was kind of huge that time. It was Friday, so people are either going out of the city or coming to the city. Both ways, they are causing traffic.

Our first day, wasn’t so good, because of the weather. We tried to just walk around while raining and cold. We wanted to at least be familiarized to the city, so as soon as the weather got better, then we know exactly where to go. Until night, the rain didn’t stop; not until 9:00 in the evening. By that time, we decided to head to hotel, and get some rest. Our way was on the Eiffel tower;there was this guy selling roses, and my husband got me three red roses. (Sweet) When we arrived to hotel, I noticed my husband got a fever. (Sigh) Continue reading

Vienna, Austria

Like we planned during my husband’s first year as a non-smoker; we visited Vienna, Austria ( the capital and largest city in Austria;  for second time) to spend our weekend. We hit the road last Friday, July 20 at nearly 12:30 in the afternoon. It was three hours from Jihlava to Vienna.

A photo from our last year visit to Vienna, Austria

A photo from our last year visit to Vienna, Austria

The weather was a little bit  cloudy when we arrived to Vienna. It was nearly 4:30 in the afternoon when we decided to go at the city center to shop, because it was impossible to look around in some interesting places because it was about to rain.  My husband and I found really good deal for branded stuff in the shopping mall in the city center (Stephansplatz).  (Mondays-Fridays closing at 8:00pm, Saturday closing of mall and shop at 6:00pm and every Sunday are totally closed)

There are discounts everywhere, and my husband finally found something for himself. There are Armani, Calvin Klein, etc. and then we both noticed that he has almost complete stuff and I don’t have any for myself. (Giggling) (I guess he is the one to be called Shopaholic now) Therefore, my husband insisted that I should try one of the Armani ladies shirt, so I grabbed one and try it on. It was kind of cute, and so I finally have one for me; when we went to look around there was this announcer (announcing something in German language) which I did not understand what was all about. My husband says, the shop are closing, so we have to pay my shirt before it’s too late. Yeah, they are closing so early, even if there are still so many people shopping. They probably don’t care. (Giggling)

Maybe some of you are thinking that I was upset to not have much stuff; well, believe it or not; I wasn’t upset at all, because my husband finally enjoyed shopping, and I am very grateful that he liked his new stuffs. (which is very unusual, because he doesn’t like to shop much)

So when we went back to our hotel, we decided to get some rest earlier because we are planning to spend the whole next day to visit some interesting places, like gardens, palace,  park, do photography so I can add them into my portfolio, but before we even got the chance to rest; I was sad, and there I felt like talking about some of my past anxiety, these things and people who burden me. I got so upset, and then I started the discussion about my family whom I missed so much. I was probably homesick! Continue reading

Budapest, Hungary 2012- Last day in Hungary

We decided to start the day by finding out where is the shopping mall. We have been in only one shopping mall called “West End City Centre“.  It has 400 shops and it is the most impressive and largest shopping mall in Budapest. It is located next to the Nyugati Train Station. West End is open from Monday-Saturday at 10:00am-09:00pm, every Sunday from 10am-06:00pm.

After shopping we headed back to the hotel, and leave our belongings and enjoyed our last moment in Hungary. We walked again and there I noticed this small building with interesting architecture.

Calvinist Church  Budapest, Hungary- daylight photo

Calvinist Church Budapest, Hungary daylight photo

Calvinist Church Budapest, Hungary-night photo

Calvinist Church Budapest, Hungary-night photo

We went to passage and reached this called “Adam clark Tunnel“  with stop light under the Buda Castle.

Adam Clark Tunnel Budapest- Photo from a distance

Adam Clark Tunnel Budapest Photo from a distance

Adam Clark Tunnel Budapest, Hungary

Adam Clark Tunnel Budapest, Hungary

After sometime we decided to finally go to Royal Palace which is at the top, and we needed the lift which is like hundred years old; in order to reach the top. Continue reading

Budapest, Hungary 2012- Second day

As we woke up the other morning, we headed out and visit the other famous bridge on our lists and it is known as “Margaret Bridge”.  It was the bridge in a yellow paint and just like the “Chain Bridge” it is a two road lane with cycling path and walking path in each side. It is also crosses the Danube river just like the others. Margaret Bridge has total length of 637.5 meters. It is also the second oldest public bridge in Budapest. There was also pedestrian located almost at the middle of the bridge so people can cross from each side, because Margaret Bridge is connected to this called “Margaret Island”.

Margaret Bridge from a distance.

Margaret Bridge from a distance.

Margaret Bridge Budapest, Hungary

Margaret Bridge Budapest, Hungary

Margaret Island is a long Island connected to Margaret Bridge. When you enter the Island, you can immediately say what this long island can offer to you, and of course what you will see for first is this called “The Centennial Memorial”. You can also rent family bikes or normal bikes to some locals inside the Margaret Island, because it is surely a long walk if you would do it, and trust me; you’ll not going to even see what’s at the middle of the Island, because you’ll immediately be exhausted (Just like what happened to me and my husband.) We never been to anywhere further, because we were so exhausted, then we realized we should have rent a bike so we can all have seen what was there. As I looked at the map, there was the “Water Tower”, but as I told you we never reached that area. Anyway, one thing I can surely say is that; it was a good nature there, and if you feel like doing some sports, and bicycling; well I guess that was a pretty enough good place for that. Continue reading