Anniversary Getaway in České Švycarsko

Unlike any other previous celebrations my husband and I had for our wedding anniversary; this time we went elsewhere. Since we finally have our own car, it is now easy to travel and we kind of have freedom without thinking whether it is a good idea to go somewhere without being in a hurry all the time.

27th of October, a day before our anniversary; when my husband and I left home. We decided to spend our anniversary outside the city, this place called “České Švýcarsko” . It is I think more or less than 250 km away from our city. It’s far but worth it!

The place is very good. The lovely nature is just great. I was amazed by its beauty. It is very peaceful, and the tress, rocks; etc. are just fantastic.

Away from the noisy and populated city; it is way better for relaxing. I am happy that I choose to spend our anniversary right at that very spot.

We actually arrived around 4 in the afternoon at cottage where we choose to stay for a couple of days. So, it was quite dark and it’s not possible to go some place to see and follow the trails, so we decided to just plan our trip that evening for the next day.  First thing in the morning, we woke up early had breakfast and started our early morning adventure. We decided to follow the red trails that will lead us to this “Pravčická Brána”, it is a natural sandstone arch or other says natural stone bridge. Anyway, they said that Pravčická Brána is the largest natural sandstone arch in Europe. Several films were actually filmed at that very spot.

So ‘d like to share the pictures I took on the way to Pravčická Brána, hope you’ll enjoy. Check out the following pictures below. Enjoy!

October 28, 2013 Our Third Wedding Anniversary.

October 28, 2013 Our Third Wedding Anniversary.

This is just one spot you’ll find on the way. Our trail started at U Fořta Penzion (Mezna), where we checked-in. I love the wooden stairs, plus the beautiful colors of leaves that fell onto the ground. Beautiful isn’t? Continue reading

Obtaining Driver’s License In Czech Republic

September 20, 2013, my theoretical and practical driving exams were scheduled. It was 8 in the morning when I started the theoretical exam and finished after 25 minutes (that long because I was too careful and also because I have a translator who needs to tell me everything first before I pick the answers) Unlike any other, I didn’t ask my translator for any kind of help. Also because I already learned most of it at home, and I believed that I can do it without any help from him; and also because there is a recording. If they found out he helps me, they will not give me the license.

I did it!!! I Passed my first ever attempt of theoretical and practical driving exams. Yey!!! :D

I did it!!! I Passed my first ever attempt of theoretical and practical driving exams. Yey!!! 😀

In the end, I got only one mistake and I passed! Out of 25, I got 24 and I am happy and proud of myself.  It felt like, I am that close to be a driver. The only thing I have to do is to pass my practical exam which was scheduled at the same day at around 10 in the morning. I was so nervous while waiting there. I felt like I am freezing even though the weather was still so calm and friendly. I didn’t feel much of my fingers, and my knees were starting to shake. I kept on massaging my hands to calm me down, but it wasn’t helping at all.

My husband was there with me. He was also scheduled to take theoretical and practical at the same day. I asked him to go once the inspector arrive to the place, so I won’t get too nervous. He did exactly what I asked him to do. He is very supportive. Continue reading

Spring Won’t Show Up

Weather has been really crazy here in Czech Republic. It feels like snow doesn’t want to go away, and spring doesn’t want to show-up. People are getting sick of this cold weather which supposed to be gone by now. No wonder!

I enjoy snow pretty much and that’s a fact, but this? This is too much for this year. It’s way too long now, and people are looking forward to have pretty warm sunshine, and a fine weather to enjoy outdoor activities. But we can’t do anything about it. It is, how it is.

News report on the television says that we might experience this weather until the beginning of the next month. But of course, who knows? (-4,-9, -8) Those are the temperature shown on my smart phone, I guess I don’t need to remove winter clothes out from the closet. It’s still needed.

This is the photo I captured today. After 2-3 days of snowfall, see how messy road we have right now. So slippery, dirty, specially when you went out for walk.  Continue reading

The Spirit of Christmas In Czech Republic

It will be my third time to celebrate Christmas here in Czech Republic. Of course the first one, was during my first visit, and the second one was last year here in our new place; and now. The snow is all over the place here in our city.(Jihlava). The snow was unstoppable for 2 days, then it comes and goes. Enough to make road slippery and enough to make surroundings beautifully white. It’s definitely white all over the city. The lake near-by our flat building was frozen and often visited by those people who actually enjoyed ice-skating. So, then I am wondering whether it will be still snowing on and before the Christmas celebration. I think, it would be nice if it will be.

The frozen lake has visitors.  :D

The frozen lake has visitors. 😀

After 2 consecutive days of snowing.....Snow all over the place.

After 2 consecutive days of snowing….Snow all over the place.

The spirit of Christmas are actually all over the city. There are Christmas markets (selling wines, breads, homemade salami, etc) There are also Christmas tress and lights, which is very beautiful at night. There are also competition for who has a better Christmas tree. Well, the competitors are from elementary, and nursery school. They were building the tree in the school and put it, to the city center so people can actually see their work and in the end the best ones will be declared winner. Continue reading

Jihlava Zoo, Czech Republic

Sunday, August 5, 2012; it was around 3 in the afternoon. The weather was extremely hot (30°C-up) My husband and I went to the zoo, in order to gather more photos for my portfolio, and of course also to enjoy our Sunday together. Not more than 30 minutes of roaming around the zoo; and I felt nauseous. I was the one whose taking photo that time but I can’t focus in shooting because I felt like I am going to collapse really soon. I am sweating like pig, and I my stomach hurts. I sat on the bench located in the zoo. My husband took the photos for me, while I am resting a little.

My husband makes fun from me, when I was whispering to myself the words “I am Asian, I am Asian, I am Asian”.  I used to say these words when I can’t handle hot weather anymore. It’s like making myself aware that I should be used to such weather because I am Asian who lived in country with a very warm weather in a whole year, before.

My husband says, “Oh no, you are not Asian. Are you?”. Then he laughed!

Few minutes of rest made me a little better so we walked around, and look to some areas of the zoo where they will soon put more animals like giraffe, etc. The first time I visited this zoo, there were just really few animals, and it looked so small zoo for me, but now? It think something change but I just can’t figure out what, and which? Well, what matter most is that; they are going to put more, and there will be expansion of the zoo, which will make it more huge, and more interesting.

The photo of new animal in that zoo. The place wasn’t done yet, but they are already in that spot. They are so cool and cute. Well, you can tell that by the photo itself. (Giggling) Can’t stop laughing while watching them with that position. Continue reading

Weekend Special in Prague (July 14-15) Late Post

Our weekend has been a little bit unlucky. It turns out that the weather became so unfriendly, and gives us nothing but rain. However, it was pretty romantic! Under the rain, under the tree hugging to warm each other for we both are not prepared for such weather to come up, and make the two of us a little bit cold, and wet from the huge rain drops.

So here is the story….

We arrived to Prague Saturday in about 2pm, we checked-in to the hotel called “U Tří Pštrosů” front of this hotel is the Charles Bridge (Karlov Most) (For more Hotels). The weather seems fine, so we walked around and took some photos which I will also use in my portfolio. We both were very starving so we walked-in to one Czech restaurant and ate their traditional/typical food called “Goulash”.

Good weather when we arrived to Prague July 14, in Saturday afternoon.

Good weather when we arrived to Prague July 14, in Saturday afternoon.

That was a very nice weather when we arrived, and I captured this photo of couple who have their pictorial with Charles Bridge as the background. That day, there are many people who actually asked me favor to take them their photos (using their camera) so I was kind of thinking that I am actually looked like real photographer,  I guess. (Giggling)

Our day was all about walking, eating, photography, and we also enjoyed the romantic evening by walking to the Charles Bridge at nearly 12 midnight where not much people, and only lights and cold breeze. My husband was telling me some of his plan for the next week and he really seems so excited about it, so do I! Continue reading

Spring Fashion Czech Republic

What makes me feel so good about spring is that “Fashion“. I’m not saying that I am waiting for this season to make feel good about myself in a way of putting some sexy  fabulous clothes on me. Not really!

The truth is, I am really a big fan of those cute collection for spring clothes, shoes, and accessories; and of course less clothes on. No need to wear  heavy winter coat, or heavy boots, in order to feel comfortable about the weather. Spring, is kind of freedom for me, well of course summer is even better, but since I am not a big fan of sun; I rather stick into spring, which has a little cold and a little warm feeling. Therefore, when my husband and I went shopping, we stopped-by into some shoe shop, and it was a little heaven for me to see those cute and colorful spring collection. Well, this does not make any easier. Lovely shoes, its hard to pick which will stand out, and something extra different from my other collection from previous year.

When it comes to Fashion and buying clothes or anything that I will put on me, I often asked for my husband’s opinion. Whatever he thinks is good for me, and will suits me, then I’m pretty much sure that I will buy it. Well, can’t blame me for that, because he’s the only reason why I wanted to look wonderful and gorgeous anytime, anywhere.

So when we stopped at the local shop, my husband told me that this sandals suits me so I bought it for 1,000kc. Continue reading




Burning of the witches (ČARODĚJNICE) is a spring  tradition here in Czech Republic every 30th of April every year. Just so you know, it was my very first time this year to witness this kind of tradition; so I was confused, curious, and also was so excited to finally be part of it. J

We went to “Hubertka lake“, with my in-laws; 20 minutes drive from city of Jihlava. Nieces are wearing their costumes, and their faces were painted like a real witch, and wearing their pointed hat. J  We spent almost four hours together

We were all gathered together to witness this tradition, like other families does. There was a bonfire located in the farm in between trees, and then they made something that looks like a witch; it was made by stick or wood, tied her up on her broomstick, then they put pieces of garments on it to look like a dress, and then put some hat on the head. They believed that if they continue doing this tradition, (Burn something that looks like a witch) the power of witch will weaken and they will finally get rid of the cold weather, and warm weather will finally get started. Continue reading


Sad face of Anicka, having deepest thought ever!!!

Sad face of Anicka, having deepest thought ever!!!

I am being paranoid these days. I felt like I am being set aside by everyone, and I felt like I don’t have friends anymore; enough to make me felt bad and sad most of the time. I don’t need many friends to be around, just some real ones who can talk to from time to time or even just to chat with over the internet. I don’t understand; I am good person, who’s good to everyone, have a good heart and ready to listen if someone wants to share something. I felt like if I am the one who need someone to listen to me; nobody’s there to spare their time to listen and gets bored with me. Continue reading



There are ways to follow in order to learn foreign language effectively. I am going to share some of the steps I’ve done to be able to speak and communicate. Hopefully it helps, or at least serve as your guide. Let’s start! 

BUY BOOKS: In order to learn language, you should have reference book which will serve as guide and will show you the theory from the very beginning. This is one the best way to learn the language, if you can’t afford to go to language school because of your busy days or don’t have money to pay for it. Book is one of the effective ways, as long as you are using it, read and understand it. Do not let your book be just accessories in your bag or home. Use it!!!

EXERCISE BOOK: There are books which have exercise page attached, some have different set of book just for exercises, and some don’t have both. Make sure to use that page or book to exercise and practice what you learned by answering the given exercises inside. It is provided, in order to practice your writing, and be familiarized to the words which had been discussed from the lesson and chapter you already read. Continue reading