Teaching and Learning

My brother in-law has decided to learn English language and asks for my help, of course I do not take money for teaching. That’s not me. But he offers to help communicate more in Czech language. I think that is best learning strategy that we could come-up.

The first few minutes, was a little bit hard because I do not know how far he already knows. So literally, few minutes was about catching up and to become more comfortable to each other. Afterwards, we looked up his homework which was about using “that, those, this, and these” which is easier to discuss with him. There are some misunderstanding though, which is pretty normal.

He is improving but I guess four hours of his intensive course a day is a little bit odd. They never discussed some important basics, which supposed to be at the beginning in order for him to communicate a little bit. I observed that they jumped-up quite far ahead into learning words without discussing even the question that begins to ” Where?”. Continue reading

Learning Czech Language Update

Learning Czech is something that makes my life a little bit more interesting and some part of it makes me going every single day. But this month of July, I am afraid that I will be a little lost because my teacher is on holiday for the whole month and that means, no going to school and less speaking Czech.

I am aware that whenever I stopped speaking Czech for quite sometime, I immediately have this fear that I would look stupid again once I come back, without practice; so  decided to ask my husband for help. The whole month of July we are going to speak Czech as soon as we open our eyes in the morning until the midnight of everyday. We set the deal, of what punishment are awaiting whenever we speak English accidentally or intentionally. Continue reading

Learning Czech Language (My own Fairy tale)

My Czech formal class for beginners will soon be over. I have learned a lot of things, rules, and how to make it better in writing grammar and even speaking. Although, I couldn’t say if I am that good, or just better enough to understand locals and me to be understood by them.

A lot of activities, test, and constructions of my own sentences, paragraphs happened in the school; even fairy tale happened. (Giggling) I am actually making simple Short fairy tale or in Czech Krátká Pohádka; 

It was fun, and I myself, can hardly believe that I could make. Although, of course I am thankful that my teacher (Moje Učitelka) is very good in teaching.

So,here is small fairy tale I wrote using the words I learned from our previous lessons: I just like to share it. Hope you’ll like it.

Náš Poklad

Tam byl Král a Královna, kteří žili s princem a princeznou. Jednoho dne, drak přišel a vzal prince a princeznu. Král a Královna, plánuji cestovat. Potřebojou poklad pro draka, takže se můžou vzit zpět princ a princezna.

Král a Královna chtějí najít jejich prince a princezna. Půjdou dlouho cestu. Přijdou do zámku. První, projdou les a pak přeplavou řeku. Tam je nebezpečné krokodýl. Vyjdou na vysokou horu, a sejdou dolu z hory, a pak uvidí zámek kde bydlí drak.

Když přišli na zámku, mají strach protože drak je velmi nebezpečný, ale musí najít prince a princeznu ale nejdrív musí zabít draka.

Král a Královna spolu bojovali a porazil draka. Když drak je mrtvý, všichni  vyjdou z zámek. Nechali poklad na zámku a řekli ” Náš Prince a Naše Princezna je náš poklad”. 

Přijdou domu (na hradě), a žili spolu št´astně.


Getting better in Czech Language

My teacher told me in our previous lesson that Czech is one of the hardest language; aside from the pronunciations it also has too many different forms, rules, and quite complicated in every form in the sentences, most specially to foreigners like me. Although, I believed that I am getting better in understanding and in constructing my own sentences. Somehow, I am more better into putting the words in the right place.

Like for example:

To watch/look on television-dívat se na televizi.

But if you are going to say: “I´m watching on television” in Czech there are some shape that sometimes are complicated to put in the right place.

Dívam se na televizi. Which is in the present tense.

Budu se dívat na televizi. Which is in the future tense

Díval jsem se na televizi. Which is in the form of past tense.

If you observed the word “se” is changing in position in every form in time matters. Continue reading

The challenges I made for myself!

Since I started attending formal language class; I also make my own list to challenge myself and to see if class is actually helping me. I started last Monday (September 10) for 90 minutes. I got 2 days break because I visited Gynecologist Tuesday, and Wednesday my teacher is busy so I  too. Wednesday as my first day to challenge myself.

My husband went to office in the morning (Wednesday), and so I woke up a little late, because I don’t have anything to do. (Not because I am lazy) Well, when I woke up, I decided to plan how to make my day useful and at the same time, challenging!

I prepared my money and I think shopping is something I can do as a good start. I don’t really care what to buy (nothing specific). I went out, while it’s raining. I saw this young boy (probably from school) I greeted him “Dobrý Den”; and so did he. After that, I was kind of happy. I told myself “That’s a good start for today”. (Giggling) Continue reading

My first day in the school.

Before I give you a hint about my first day in language school, I would like to apologize for not posting new article often this days. I am kind of busy, and never had any chance to sit and write; but I really do appreciate the fact that most of your guys (readers) are keeping it up to stop-by and read my previous and old articles.It’s really nice. Thank you.

So here is what happened today. I woke up around 10:40 in the morning (hardly) because I am worried to be late in my very first appointment to school today. Therefore, I did what must be done before I prepared myself to school. I kind of having this problem in my stomach, so I really thought I will need to cancel; but so far I felt better before 1:30 in the afternoon; which is good because  have to be in the school around 2 in the afternoon.

Since I don’t know what to wear, I took photos of myself,and sent it to my husband while he was at work. I asked his opinion about clothes I’m going to wear. (which I know is kind of weird being so confuse of what to wear) Well, I luckily my husband approved so it was really nice feeling.

I would like to look really nice and simple.

I would like to look really nice and simple.

Continue reading



There are ways to follow in order to learn foreign language effectively. I am going to share some of the steps I’ve done to be able to speak and communicate. Hopefully it helps, or at least serve as your guide. Let’s start! 

BUY BOOKS: In order to learn language, you should have reference book which will serve as guide and will show you the theory from the very beginning. This is one the best way to learn the language, if you can’t afford to go to language school because of your busy days or don’t have money to pay for it. Book is one of the effective ways, as long as you are using it, read and understand it. Do not let your book be just accessories in your bag or home. Use it!!!

EXERCISE BOOK: There are books which have exercise page attached, some have different set of book just for exercises, and some don’t have both. Make sure to use that page or book to exercise and practice what you learned by answering the given exercises inside. It is provided, in order to practice your writing, and be familiarized to the words which had been discussed from the lesson and chapter you already read. Continue reading

Busy Days

Hello folks,
Been very busy last week. My husband stays at home the whole week with me. He never go to work because his brother went to Italy with his family to ski. By that time, we give ourselves sometime to enjoy and do things together. Since I have this opportunity to learn the language with him, I decided to drag him to bookstore to buy new books for me. It was just funny, that I bought books which are whole written in Czech. 🙂 I bought two new books for me, and honestly desperate to learn. My husband bought also book for himself which will help him to learn the rules when driving a car. 😀 I may probably tell the whole story soon. For now, I am very busy with my books… Wish me luck!!!



Czech language or Cestina is beautiful language, but of course since I am new into developing myself in order to learn this language; I might say it’s really complicated ones. Well, I guess everything is just about confident and trying. I have mentioned before how shy I am to try something new in my life. I am scared to be embarrassed which leads me to not talk much and everything I learned is just kept in my mind and never practice it much as it should be. I don’t socialize with people, and never talk to some other local here in Czech Republic except from my in-laws and other friends.

Nowadays, I am doing pretty well with this language. I am able to speak, understand, communicate a little and most of the time; we are using it when my husband and I were talking at home. It’s good to have practice though, because once you learned to practice it at home you are also starting to gain a little confident which can be developed anytime soon.

The only problem is that, some words have same pronunciations but different meaning which is sometimes hard to notice in the sentences. Continue reading