Learning Czech Language Update

Learning Czech is something that makes my life a little bit more interesting and some part of it makes me going every single day. But this month of July, I am afraid that I will be a little lost because my teacher is on holiday for the whole month and that means, no going to school and less speaking Czech.

I am aware that whenever I stopped speaking Czech for quite sometime, I immediately have this fear that I would look stupid again once I come back, without practice; so  decided to ask my husband for help. The whole month of July we are going to speak Czech as soon as we open our eyes in the morning until the midnight of everyday. We set the deal, of what punishment are awaiting whenever we speak English accidentally or intentionally.

Here is our conversation: (Konverzace)

Já : Miláčku! Asi musíme mluvit Česky celý den. Já opravdu potřebuju, protože jsem volna celý měsíc. Co myslíš?

Manžel: A co budeme dělat, když někdo mluví anglicky?

Já: Asi když někdo mluví anglicky,,,musí platit.

Manžel: A kolik to bude?

Já: Možná dva tisíce. Co myslíš?

Manžel: a nebo masáž?

Já: To je na tobě?

Manžel: tak jo,,, od dvou do půlnoci?

Já: Super!!! To bude zajímavé.

So that is just some part of our conversation in Czech language about our deal for whole month. You may notice that my husband was a little easy on me, when he uses some easy and understandable Czech words and phrases.

I am grateful that he agreed to do that. It will really improve my ability to speak and understand more. In worst case scenario, one of us will end-up poor and one will be richer. Now, I am terrified!! (Giggles)

Learning Czech language is never easy. I always regret the time I wasted when I was still in the Philippines. I could have been more aware and resourceful, so that it will be easier for me now. If only, I had one book to learn there before I even flew here in Czech, I am sure, I´ll be so pretty amazing. Although, I can´t take the time back. The only thing I can do now is to learn, study as much as I can.

It´s getting better and better. Maybe I don´t see it much for myself but my husband does. He keeps telling how brilliant I am to remember new words and phrases. Perhaps, I am good! All I have to do is trust myself, and trust my husband for giving compliments. (Giggles)

So far, my husband set a few more deal that we do have to write Czech in our sms too. So whenever someone send message using English words, then someone has to pay for it. I think, it´s for the best, as long as I have money to pay for my wrong unintentional actions. Good luck to me!

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