Teaching and Learning

My brother in-law has decided to learn English language and asks for my help, of course I do not take money for teaching. That’s not me. But he offers to help communicate more in Czech language. I think that is best learning strategy that we could come-up.

The first few minutes, was a little bit hard because I do not know how far he already knows. So literally, few minutes was about catching up and to become more comfortable to each other. Afterwards, we looked up his homework which was about using “that, those, this, and these” which is easier to discuss with him. There are some misunderstanding though, which is pretty normal.

He is improving but I guess four hours of his intensive course a day is a little bit odd. They never discussed some important basics, which supposed to be at the beginning in order for him to communicate a little bit. I observed that they jumped-up quite far ahead into learning words without discussing even the question that begins to ” Where?”. Continue reading