Things You Don’t Know, Won’t hurt?

The person I knew once says that “Things you don’t know better be remains hidden and unspoken, for it won’t hurt somebody”.

Maybe it is true? Well,who knows?

I don’t know what other might say, but to the fact that there are many certain issues in life; there are many differences; many happenings; many experiences, people may react differently but I know for sure. I’d like to know secrets, I want to know those that are forbidden. It’s not about by curiosity, but because in this world people like me want honest people around. I’d like to know if people around is to be trusted or not. Even if it will hurt me, I won’t care. Just as long as I know that I am not being fooled around and hold the neck and being twisted every single minute of my life.

There are many people who are probably keeping secrets, or hiding something from their love ones; thinking that it won’t hurt when it’s just kept and locked up in their own guilt; then I hope you are right and doing exactly the right things. Because I know, one day will come; secrets will be revealed and someone’s going to be hurt, not just hurt but extremely pain that might cause a broken heart.

Hurting people physically  that is nothing, but hurting someone emotionally; I bet to death that is something horrible and most painful in the world. Surely will rip somebody’s heart into pieces.

I don’t know where I am getting these words right now, but this is the only way I can express myself for those who choose to kept secrets.

To these kind of person out there; I wish you all happiness for what you are doing. You may be lighten your mind and reveal the truth while you still can; while someone’s ready to listen. You don’t have to hide, why don’t you face it!!! Give possible reason, and make it even more reasonable!!

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