Trying To Conceive cycle 5 (TTC #1)

Okay I have an update for my TTC journey and it’s happening really weird, and making me so insane. If you are all aware; my husband and I weren’t together from January 10- February 8, like a month not being together because we were in different vacation. I was in the Philippines and he was in US. So from those dates we were not doing the baby dance. We started the TTC cycle 4 (ttc #1)3rd week of February after my Af.

When the time is right. I’ll get the positive ones.

Well, I got my period late of February around 10th. I was pissed because I couldn’t track my ovulation anymore because my cycle is messed up.

So I ended my period around 15th of February and so we started the baby dancing after that. Before we left from vacation on the Island of Boracay, I got sick and I couldn’t sleep because I was vomiting whole night, and also have diarrhea. (sorry for that). So everyone in my family was telling me that they may be going to expect another baby in the family; but I told them I probably just got food poisoned. I am not sure. We came to manila to spend the last 2 days with my sister and brother in-law. I was still sick, and my upper abdomen hurts. I couldn’t sit straight, and I just needed to lay in fetal position.

My sister says, I am probably pregnant because she has also that pain in the upper abdomen when she got pregnant. So she gave me that pills to ease the pain. (Pills prescribed by her OB.)

So now month of March. I was expecting my period on the 10th of March, because I gave it time that it might be just delay like the previous month.  March 17 in the afternoon and still nothing. I have cramps in my abdomen for 4 days straight, and my breasts are little bigger than usual. I don’t have the discharge, or any nausea, and any other symptoms that other women have. So I am still thinking, maybe, I am just delay. I don’t want to test, because I don’t want to be disappointed.

March 18 at night, I was so shocked when I got few blood when I wipe after using the toilet but after 5 hours I didn’t have any blood on my liner. So I was thinking, maybe… maybe I am having implantation bleeding. I went to bed without using tampon, because there isn’t any blood coming out. So I thought maybe it just stopped. Then in the middle of the night, I woke up and there it was. I got my period. It lasted 2 days, then it stopped and now started again. My breast is sore, and I have headache which isn’t normal when I am having my AF. I don’t know if I should test after the bleeding or should I just ignore it. One thing, I have bigger breast which supposed to be back to normal by now, since I started my period already. It makes me so insane!!!

My cycle is messing up with me, and maybe I should consider it TTC cycle 5 (TTC #1) FAILED! Or NOT? I don’t know anymore!

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